Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Quick pics

Well...I was going to go out and have a lovely photoshoot today, but it is colder and cloudier than it was supposed to be and it might start to rain. So...I figured I'd share some of my on-the-go pictures that I've taken on my phone or in Instagram! I was always a fan of the filters that Instagram has to offer, and when it clicked (it took longer for this to happen than it should have) that I could use it on my iTouch, I downloaded it and started using it as much as I could! I have an Android phone, so I wasn't able to use it for my mobile pictures until recently since they JUST made the app for Android a few weeks ago.

[Really awesome apple cookies that I make!]
[My super cute tea duckie named Abner]
[My closet full o' dresses]
[Cute apple pops]
[The dress I plan to get for my cousin's wedding. It made me wanna crash a prom.]
[One of my favorite shirts: Jurassic Park!]
[Sunflower that Chris gave me :)]
[In the window of an antique store. I love those phones!]
[Rainbow rays!]
[My Easter basket. Yes, I'm 22 and still get an Easter basket.]
[The best thing I ever bought at Walmart. (Can you tell I like apples?)]
[This is my doggy, Tiara.]
[She really likes bellyrubs.]
Happy Hump Day! I'll hopefully be able to have an outfit post on Saturday or Sunday! :)


  1. Aaaaww, these pics are so cute! I especially love your adorable dog and that beautiful red dress!

    1. Thanks, Marie! I've missed being a part of the blogging world and you were always so sweet! :)