Saturday, June 16, 2012

Most Wanted: Modcloth

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days! I've been sick the majority of the week and haven't felt up to doing much of anything. I have pictures from last Sunday that I just finished editing yesterday, so I should have a new outfit post up tomorrow! For now, I thought I'd share a Polyvore collage that I made of all the stuff I'm lusting after on Modcloth.

Modcloth Wishlist

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I check Modcloth obsessively multiple times a day. They always get such adorable and unique stuff in! The only downside is that they're usually kinda pricey, and it's just not in the budget for me to be spending $80 on a dress every week. And it's hard to go back when you do have the money because these things usually sell out quick! I'm pretty sure that some of the items in the picture are already sold out. But the good thing is that Modcloth does get things back in stock if the demand is high enough. I just have to hope that everyone else loves a certain dress as much as I do!

I received the Have A Window Seat dress that I ordered from them, and it fits great! The pattern is too cute and I can't wait to wear it today for my cousin's wedding! Luckily, it's an evening wedding so I can still have some more time to rest today and get some more energy back into me.


  1. I totally agree, Modcloth is a true addiction! I don't usually buy anything because of the price, but I like to obsessively look at everything they add :)