Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Failed Raspberry Picking Attempts

Well. As you all know, I've been trying to find a place to go raspberry picking. So Chris and I went to this fruit farm that supposedly has them. When I called, they said they were scarce, but still available for picking. Unfortunately when we got there, they changed their tune and said there's nothing really there to pick, then directed us to the blueberries. I was disappointed, but I had never picked blueberries before and we were already there, so we went for it.

My disappointment and preoccupation with the raspberries led to a decrease in my listening abilities. The girl at the store counter was telling me how to get to the blueberries, but the whole time I was thinking "What about the raspberries?! I don't care about the blueberries. Raspberries, raspberries, raspberries!". So once we left the little store, we ventured out into the orchard, but had no idea which way to go. We ended up by the apples (and ate one, of course) with no berries in sight.

There was an old woman in one of the rows of apple trees, pruning and clipping the branches. She had one of those little vehicles that you can drive around on uneven terrain and when I asked her how to get to the blueberries, she kindly offered us a ride over to them since it was a bit of a walk. So we got to ride around through the row of apple trees and down a hill to where the blueberry bushes were!

[View from the hill leading to the blueberry bushes]
She dropped us off right at the rows where we were supposed to pick and we ended up finding a lot of good berries. We picked a whole pint...and ate a few along the way as well. Usually, blueberries taste kind of bland to me, but these were very flavorful and sweet. It's most likely because I never really had fresh blueberries. They're always just thrown in the mix with a fruit salad and are probably bought at the supermarket or frozen. But the fresh ones right off the bushes are delicious!

I've been researching tons of recipes that involve blueberries. Because I found about 25, I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what to make. There are all kinds of choices between breads and muffins and cookies and even cupcakes! It's a bit overwhelming, which leads me to open all the recipes in different tabs, contemplate them for a few minutes, begin panicking because my brain starts to overload due to how delicious everything looks, and then I end up closing all the tabs and deciding I'll deal with it another day because I just can't choose right now. Chronic procrastination at its best.

[Top: Forever 21
Skirt: H&M
Shoes (even though you can't see them): Mudd]
Anyway...I'm in love with this top. I need more crop tops in my life, even though it's already halfway through August. I've only worn this top about three times, despite how obsessed I am with it. I think the problem is that I don't have much to choose from as far as high-waisted skirts and shorts go. I need some more of those in my life. A lot of the skirts I have would be too short for comfort if I wore them at my waist. I guess that's one thing I can put on my fall shopping wishlist.

[Taste test!]

Chris and I attempted to pick raspberries again this past weekend, but they were (once again) extremely scarce and we decided to give up. I am planning on trying a third time with my friend on Sunday at an orchard that actually just started their raspberry season, so I'm having good feelings about it. Be on the lookout for some yummy blueberry and raspberry treats soon! :)


  1. Your outfit is too cute for the summer! I see a cute nautical theme :)


  2. this looks beautiful!! that top is perfect on you - and blueberry picking looks so picturesque. i love it.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. I have also become obsessed with that top!!! It's such an awesome design and so bright!!! Wow, I have never seen blueberry bushes before! I always picked mine up on Blueberry Mountain in the north woods of Minnesota, there they all grow on plants low to the ground. Well i hope you finally get to pick your raspberries!! At my old house in Minneapolis, we had two raspberry bushes in front, then about 5 in back along with a wild strawberry patch? I miss that house!!! :-) hehe "Taste test" You're so freakin CUTE!!! :-)