Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gingham and Raspberries

Finally, after two failed attempts, I got to pick raspberries! Victory! My friend Nadia and I picked them together and I assigned Chris as our photographer for the day. This time, there were plenty of raspberries and they were so delicious and ripe.

They gave us these cute little buckets with rope straps to use while picking the berries. It was so adorable. We wore them like a purse! I kind of wish we could've kept them. I'm not sure what I'd do with it if I did, but I just liked the idea of it.

We also expressed our excitement with some jumping and high-fiving...

I picked up this shirt on somewhat of a whim in Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. It's a large, but I really wanted a red gingham shirt to tie up with some shorts. I figured if I was just going to tie it, it wouldn't really matter what size it was. I like how the sleeves are a little puffy and the shirt itself is a little billowy.

[Shirt: Gap, thrifted from Goodwill
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Rialto]
After we finished picking, we checked out the farm market to see if there were any yummy things we wanted to buy. We ended up doing a wine tasting. They had their own fresh sangria to try too, which was good. I'm not really much of a wine person, though. I love going to farm markets because they always have stuff that's made using the fruits that are right there on the farm, or made locally. And they also have things like apple butter, pumpkin butter, and apple syrup that you can't really find in a supermarket. That's the kind of stuff I love being around. I'm really just a country gal at heart. I'd love to have a lot of land someday when I have a house and grow my own fruits and vegetables and flowers. Maybe I'll even have my own little roadside fruit and veggie stand someday!

[The photographer and I :)]


  1. I love your shoes!!! How cute the last picture is especially!!! raspberries are so cute and I liked eating them but I have allergic reactions to them. wah! It would probably be the only fruit I would eat regularly.

  2. you look adorable! i love that you tied the top - it works so well with the billowy sleeve - it's so vintage and perfect for berry picking. and those pictures of you two jumping are amazing! you can jump. i always look well, awful, in jumping photos. i can't jump i guess! this looks like a perfect day

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails