Monday, October 22, 2012

Quick Pics

October is going by way too quickly. I can't believe it'll be over in 10 days! I'm excited for Halloween and all the costume parties that comes with it. Costume parties are the best kind of parties. I'm going to be doing my eye make-up with leopard print to go with my costume. I'm hoping it comes out alright. I don't have much experience with that kind of make-up.

Here are some random Instagram pictures from this past month.  It's been a pretty fun month, despite there being more rainy days than I'd like to have. Chris and I usually cook a meal together every Wednesday night, but lately he's been having to work through dinner time and we haven't been able to have it. I think this delicious pizza might've been the last time we were able to cook together. It was super easy to make...and super tasty.

[Chris and I made spinach and artichoke pizza]
[I have had Hocus Pocus in my purse for pretty much this entire month, ready to go whenever the time is right...which is always.]
I am having anxiety over the foliage. I keep checking the reports for the area, and I think that this is the week that I would need to go on a foliage drive if I'm going to do it. Most of the state is covered in high color, with one small section currently at peak. I may have to go alone this Wednesday because Chris works and no one else I know really has weekdays off. I don't want to miss out on the awesome leafy goodness!
[A lone leaf on the stairs of my front porch]
[New tights and socks!]
I have been to three weddings in the past month, with the last one being yesterday. For some reason, fall was the season to get married this year. I'm no complaining because I hadn't been to a wedding since I was about 14, and I've been waiting for some to happen. The first wedding was my brother's that I was in. The second wedding I went to there was a carousel at the reception and we all got to ride it! It was lots of fun! I should really do a post on all of these weddings.

My parents and I went pumpkin picking today! We picked a big one, and I picked out these two little baby ones. I am considering spraying one of them with chalkboard paint and drawing on it with chalk. I saw it on Pinterest and thought it was cute. Of course, we also picked up some apple cider. They had pumpkin donuts for sale, so I had to get those too. How could I pass those up?

[Baby pumpkins]
[Apple cider + pumpkin donut]
This week, I am getting psyched for the upcoming Halloween weekend! There are two parties this weekend and I'm hoping to squeeze in some fun day trips too, so I'm going to be pretty busy! I don't have any plans for actual Halloween yet, but I have the day off. I'll probably just wear my costume all day wherever I go. I sort of wish I wasn't too old to go trick-or-treating. I miss it!

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