Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween: The Extended Edition

Because Halloween was canceled due to the hurricane, a lot of towns are rescheduling it for this coming Wednesday. While it's not the same, at least there will be yet another night for dressing up, because let's be honest...of course people still dressed up for actual Halloween. I will be in Florida for the rescheduled Halloween, but I have gone to two parties already, dressed up on Halloween, and I have another party tonight. It's the Halloween that won't end and I'm completely ok with it.

This year I chose to be a leopard. I don't know why, but I enjoy dressing up as some form of cat. They're just so cute and there's always fun accessories and make-up to go along with the costumes. I was already a cat a few years ago, so this time I went for one of the big cats. Plus I have been getting into leopard print lately, anyway.

[Had to get a cheesy shot like this]
I lost my tail a couple of times, but other than that, this costume was awesome. It was really comfortable and well-made. It's by Leg Avenue, which I've gotten many of my costumes from before, so I trust them. I think the only thing that was annoying was that the glitter from the tulle skirt got EVERYWHERE. In my car, in my friend's car, on my bedroom floor, on my friend's costumes. Just everywhere. I'm sure it'll all go away...eventually.

While Chris and I were taking these pictures, a guy on a bike rode down the trail. I felt so awkward! Not only were we taking outfit-esque pictures, but here I am in a leopard costume taking pictures in the woods. At least it was Halloween, so it was semi-acceptable and understandable...haha.

I took some more pictures of the make-up with mascara, this time. It was really simple to do, and you only need six products! I thought the spots would be hard, but they're really not. It helps that leopard spots aren't supposed to be the exact same as one another.

I hope you all had an awesome Halloween! Hopefully you guys were more fortunate regarding the weather. And for those who weren't, I hope you and your friends and family are safe! :)


  1. awesome costume! fantastic touch with the eye makeup! so cute!
    love your blog!
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