Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In Need of Layout Help!

I've always had trouble getting a hang of exactly how to customize my Blogger layout. It seems that Blogger is somewhat difficult to work with sometimes. But more importantly, I'm not really that big of a code/design/layout whiz. It takes me hours just to figure out the simplest of things like widening a column or creating a little bit of space between borders. Forget figuring out three columns, a wide enough post column so that I can post larger pictures, or a custom About Me page/image. It would probably take me days just to figure out what I wanted and how to do it, nevermind actually doing it.

Have any of you had similar problems? If you know about layout design, was it self-taught or did you learn from someone else? If you would like to help me out, have any tips, or perhaps would be interested in designing a layout, feel free to send me an e-mail at


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  2. I feel your pain, I tweeked mine just a little bit and it took absolutely foreverrrr to do. For things like tinkering with widths, borders, fonts, etc. just go under "more options" by your blog name and "template". Then hit the "customize" button and you can play around with all that.

    As for making your side picture bigger, I hid my actual side picture and went on Paint to create a picture with text under it. I then saved it and put it on Photobucket, and snagged the html code and copy/pasted it into the column. Easy peasy!

    I did the exact same thing for my Blog Title, and then the little titles on my side column for like "Followers" and "Sponsors". And I went on to grab some fun fonts.

    Or if you don't feel like doing it yourself and no one offers to create you a template, you can always buy one off Etsy!

    I know, lengthy message, but I hoped it helped some :)

    1. Thank you so much, Marlen! This is all great advice! I'll definitely have to try to play with everything. And I didn't even think to check Etsy! Oh the wonders of the Internet. :)