Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let the Christmas Spirit Ring

I woke up the day after Christmas feeling like I had been drugged. I think I was experiencing a cookie and food hangover and was so exhausted that everytime I opened my eyes and attempted consciousness, my brain would just refuse and go right back to sleep. This happened until almost noon. Needless to say, I had a good Christmas.

[One of my finished cookie trays]
We spend Christmas Eve with my grandparents on my mom's side. Christmas Eve has always been so special to me because when I was little, it was always sort of magical. The entire family, extended family included, would come to my grandparents' and the entire house would be so crowded that it was hard to make your way around. My grandparents' house wasn't that big, but we still managed to fit around 40+ people at the dinner table. My grandpa would make fried dough balls from scratch, along with lots of pasta and fish. And there were always tons of cookies for dessert.

Dress: ASOS//Tights: Betsey Johnson//Shoes: Payless

I think what was most magical about Christmas Eve at my grandparents' was that one of my uncles would call and pretend he was Santa Claus. Each of my cousins and I would get to talk on the phone with him and tell him what we wanted. All of us kids would also gather around the window after being told that someone thought they just saw Rudolph's nose flashing in the sky. My cousins and I used to also sneak into my grandparents' bedroom where everyone stashed their presents to see which ones were for us. I have so many amazing Christmas Eve memories thanks to my grandparents, and all of them are warm and happy. Although my grandparents now live in an apartment and we only have close family over now, Christmas Eve is still a special evening for me and I'm always excited to spend it with them.

On Christmas Day we go to my uncle's on my dad's side. Christmas Day dinner is sort of like a second Thanksgiving, only more awesome. Turkey, roast beef, corn, stuffing, lasagna, and the best mashed potatoes I may have ever had. No, seriously. I think I may have overdosed on these potatoes. I fell into a coma and lost all concept of time and space because of these potatoes. And just when you think you can't handle any more food, the Italian pastries, cookies, and cakes come out and somehow you manage to shovel all that down on top of everything else. Then you're really in trouble.

[In the midst of my coma]
[My uncle's dog]
[Chris made a new friend with her]
After getting home from dinner, Chris and I were finally able to exchange our presents. He got me a gorgeous opal ring that I just can't stop staring at. It's a little big, so I need to get it resized. I just don't want to have to part with it, though! He also got me two blocks of Hickory Farms cheddar cheese that I couldn't stop talking about after trying some at the mall one day. It's definitely the best cheese I've ever had. I think I like cheese a little too much, sometimes... I got him a pocket watch that I picked out from a neat little shop on Etsy, along with a messenger bag for his art supplies, a new flannel, and a practice mute for his trumpet! After exchanging presents, we went to the movies with some friends to see Quentin Tarantino's new movie, Django. It was so good. I highly recommend it.

[I was surprised to find out later that night that it was white gold! I thought it was silver!]

It's always a little disappointing when Christmas rushes by and you have to go back to reality. Like when you turn on your car the next day and realize the radio stations are done playing Christmas music. But there's still all the excitement of your new toys! I finally got my Canon T3i. These pictures were all taken with it (except the few Instagram shots)...and I even shot most of them in manual mode! My dad also surprised my mom and I both with a Nook. While I'm not a huge fan of electronic books, it's still a cool little device.

[Christmas makeup: shimmery gold shadow and winged eyeliner!]
I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a good one! The holidays aren't over yet. There's still New Year's to look forward to. I can't wait to wear my gold dress! :D


  1. Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful Christmas! Love those glittery shoes from Payless (I have the same ones ;-))!

  2. I love your dress and makeup! Sounds like you had a lovely holiday :) Soooo jealous of your new camera! That's on my list for 2013 for sure.

    -Sara, Road to the Heart

  3. yay for dslrs!! Lovely photos. I LOVE your dress. Gorgeous! Thanks for the sweet comment on flock together.

  4. I love all these photos! And I am happy to see you putting your new T3i to work! The photos are looking awesome! and I LOVE that dark green dress on you! That's a perfect color

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails