Saturday, December 1, 2012

Quick Pics

I'd like to start this off with a final update on my autumn to-do that it's past Thanksgiving and winter is making its brisk arrival. I got almost everything done! Hooray! I only really wore flannel once, so I didn't count that as wearing more flannel. It was more of the regular amount of flannel. I didn't end up having an autumn picnic or fires in the woods, but there's still time for that. It's not TOO cold yet.

Part of my to-do list was to go hiking. Chris and I got a good hike in before I left for Florida. We hiked about three miles in total up to a lookout tower and then back down. I love hiking in the fall. It's not too hot and it's not too cold, plus there's no bugs!

The place that Nadia and I stayed at in Florida provided us with very basic kitchen utensils and accessories. So when we wanted to make cookies and didn't have any bowls to mix the dough in, we had to resort to the next best thing.

Yes...that is a coffee pot. A little unconventional, but it got the job done! We also went to Downtown Disney a couple of nights, which is a shopping and dining area within the Disney realm. They have lots of cute shops and restaurants, and they have a tethered hot air balloon with the Disney characters on it. This is the third time I tried to take a ride in this balloon, and once again I was thwarted by the wind. When I go back in March, I am making it my goal to ride in that balloon no matter what!

We also visited the town of Celebration, which is right near Kissimmee. It's probably one of the cutest towns I've ever step foot in. There's a little strip of cute boutiques and cafes, as well as the cutest post office I've ever seen.

Here are some pictures from the plane ride back. I love taking pictures of the clouds and sky. We so rarely get to see the view from up there, so I always like to capture it.

When I got back, I pretty much got to see everyone right away. My parents picked us up from the airport, and then I saw Chris and my friends later on that night and the next day. One of my best friends and I spent some quality girl time at the beach while the sun was setting.

Chris has a fireplace and I'm super jealous. Although I pretty much get to enjoy it a lot anyway, but I still wish I had a fireplace. I think they're so cozy, romantic, and sort of old-fashioned in a way. 

Fireplace season is here! It definitely makes being cooped up inside due to cold and/or snow more interesting and fun.


  1. that is THE sweetest ballon I have ever seen! my goodness!

  2. I LOVE your idea of having a to-do list, I'm so going to do one for Winter! You accomplished a lot of fun things- I especially like the hiking one. I live right next to the woods and can never convince my boyfriend to go with me, the couch potato haha. Good luck finishing that list up- start wearing that flannel!

  3. I can't wait to go back! You got like all of your to-do list pretty much done - that's awesome!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails