Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boston- Pt. 1

Chris and I spent the weekend in Boston and had a pretty awesome time! We left Saturday morning and got there in the early afternoon. We met up with his friends who live up there and walked around a bunch, just taking in the sights. We probably looked like a couple of tourists taking pictures of everything, but it was so exciting to play with our cameras in the city!

We walked through a snowy park, went into a couple of shops, and walked through Harvard Square. I love the architecture of the old Harvard buildings. They're so full of history and beauty. I loved the giant gate that they had at one of the entrances to their grounds. I also love all the awesome victorian style houses and buildings in the area.

Dress: Self Esteem//Cardigan: H&M//Leggings: Unknown//Boots: Madden Girl//Belt: Forever 21
Whenever I see "tea" in the name of something, I have to stop in. It never fails. We stopped into one tea place but it was more of a weird bubble tea place. Bubble tea really isn't my thing. I like a good ol' fashioned cup o' tea, so the next place we went into was much better suited for me. It was more of a coffee shop type place. I finally tried masala chai tea, although I didn't like it too much. I'd probably try it again, though.

I'm also a sucker for any kind of cute bookstore, especially if it's a used bookstore. So when I saw this place next to the bubble tea place, I had to stop in. How could I say no when the name reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe?

I was pretty successful in being both not in jeans and warm. I forgot I had these really comfy and cozy sweater leggings. I have no idea where I got them because I got them so long ago, but I'm glad I was reunited with them. Has that ever happened to anyone else? When you find a piece of clothing that you completely forgot about and then it ends up working perfectly with something else you have? It's pretty awesome. 


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! Love all your pictures, and such a cute outfit too...now you've got me on the lookout for sweater leggings...

  2. Awesome! Boston is one of my favorite cities. Looks like you had a great time.

  3. I love your red striped dress - its' so cute. Boston looks lovely - and perfect to find a tea shop to visit in Boston (tehehe Boston tea party!). I really want to go adventure now.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  4. Nice to see you had a great time! I'm headed up to the Harvard Square area in a few days.

    <3 Melissa