Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dark Florals

I have been snowed in due to the massive blizzard that is randomly named Nemo for about 32 hours now. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can get out of the house and do something because I do not handle cabin fever well. Seriously...I am another day's travel ban away from running away and living in the woods, never to be seen again. The only thing I did today was spend about three hours shoveling the three-foot tall snow mounds off of our two porches. I ended up making a mini snow fort out of one of the mounds. I made it bigger, but it collapsed on me before I could get a picture of it... :(


Dress: H&M, thrifted//Blazer: H&M//Shoes: Jessica Simpson//Tights: Simply Vera by Vera Wang
On a more exciting and less melodramatic note, I received some very good news last night. I've been accepted to one of the three schools I applied to for grad school! :D I was so excited when I received the e-mail that I kind of did a little happy leap down the I'm going to wait to hear from the other two schools before making a decision, but now either way I will definitely be able to start my journey towards becoming a librarian this year! It's really gratifying to finally have found something that I feel suits me so perfectly. Something that just fits with who I am and what I love.



I like to wear florals in the winter. It reminds me of warmer, simpler times...such as when I wore this same dress in the summer with just a pair of flats. Obviously, these pictures were taken pre-blizzard. I took some pictures today of the snow in my backyard and my doggy trying to make her way through it. She sort of sunk down under the snow and I had to rescue her. It was cute, amusing, and worrisome all at once. I think she was a little traumatized at the time, but she's fine now.



So far, being stuck inside has consisted of watching Kill Bill, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Rocko's Modern Life, and Harry Potter. I have also attempted to put together some outfits for Florida and currently Chris and I are playing online Scrabble together. I can't wait to be able to drive again. This is going to sound so typically girly, but I just want to go to the mall! The new two-floor Forever 21 just opened and I'm ready to go to town on it! :)


  1. classiest fishnets on the internet. i can't even imagine what all of you are experiencing with nemo. it drizzled in austin this weekend and i pouted about it constantly for two days.

    congrats on your first acceptance letter! it's so awesome to be validated in something you know you were meant for. you deserve it.

  2. fish nets! I love them! I am impressed I don't usually dont see those-I like the way you paired it up with this dress

  3. congrats! and I really love this outfit on you! everything looks so cute together!

  4. We didn't even get an inch of snow! But I'm happy about it! And YAY for the grad school acceptance - that must feel so great! I love this dress on you - the buttons on it are such a cute little detail.

  5. I love that jacket! Everything looks great together :) Also, Rocko's Modern Life is still amazing to me.

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}