Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

I know that many people aren't a fan of Valentine's Day or are indifferent, but I enjoy it. I pretty much love all holidays and I love seeing all the cute things that people bake for their loved ones. I usually bake for every occasion, but every year I make sure I bake something for Chris for Valentine's Day. I'll be posting what I made soon! :)





I am not much of a pink kind of girl. I like certain shades of pink, but red is definitely my go-to color for festive clothing for Valentine's Day. I love to wear red. It's bold, bright, and pretty. By the way...I've had this vintage dress for about 3-4 years now, and it's still one of my favorites. It's perfect in every way and I love the little collar accent and dots! It's so well made, too. I wear it a lot in the summer because it's so easy to just throw on.



Dress: Robbie Bee, vintage//Cardigan: H&M//Shoes: Mudd//Belt: Forever 21//Tights: Unknown//Headband: Handed down from my mom!//Sunglasses: Delia's
Our plans for Valentine's Day include exchanging presents and going to hibachi for dinner. I love watching the chefs cook in front of you and all the neat tricks they do. Plus they give you sooo much food. I've been looking forward to this for about a month or so, now! Chris spent a lot of time picking out my present, so I can't wait to see what he got me. :) He ordered a little late, so I'm going to have to wait for it to come in the mail.





I confess...I forget to accessorize most of the time. I've never been a big jewelry person. I used to wear more costumey/Hot Topic jewelry in high school, but I slowly grew out of it. Everyday I wear my watch and the opal ring that Chris got me for Christmas and that's it. I have this weird fear that earrings will get ripped out of my ear. Bracelets bother me if they're too loose. Headbands usually give me a headache, so it's a rarity for me to wear one. If I switch bags all the time, I'll feel like I'm forgetting something or not everything will fit and I'd have to decide what to keep and what to leave, and that's just too hard of a decision to make daily for me. The only accessory I really love are sunglasses. I have so many pairs in all kinds of colors and shapes. They're just so easy to grab and switch out!




Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you have a great day, whether you celebrate or not. And just think...tomorrow means half-price boxes of chocolates. Score! :D


  1. Beautiful photos!

  2. You look super adorable!! Your plans for Valentine's Day sound adorable :) And I'm the same way with jewelry! I never seem to wear it that often either


  3. Too too cute! The curls are great and this outfit makes your waist so tiny!

  4. These photos are great! And I loveee your dress - how adorable is it?! I'm not much of a pink person either, I can never wear it right. I own like one pink thing and it has never appeared on my blog. And sounds like a good v-day - Jason and I rarely exchange gifts, he got me cards this year I think because he felt bad about how much I hated Christmas this year (I'm awful!). Can't wait to see what it is that chris picked out!

  5. These are some of the best photos posted on your blog and I love how they came out. I can't get into pink either. . .but I do wear it here and there (been about two years though since I last wore any). Your dress is cute and I love your glasses. One of my best friends collects heart-shaped glasses and has about 12 pairs so far. . .

  6. I simply love your photography! and looks like a lovely valentines day!! (back in feb!!) x