Monday, March 18, 2013

Celebration Farmer's Market

Near Kissimmee, where my parents and I stay when we go to Florida, is a little town called Celebration. It has the cutest little town center with a strip of shops and restaurants. There's a little lake with benches and rocking chairs placed around it. It's really on the border of being too cute, but I absolutely love it. And on Sundays, they have a farmer's market full of lots of fresh local foods and products.





I really enjoyed walking around the booths and trying all the free samples that the vendors were offering. One woman had a cookie booth where she was giving out free samples of gingerbread cookies. It was so delicious. I had to stop myself from buying cookies, as tempting as they were. She had gingerbread cookies decorated for Easter and springtime. I really love the teapot-shaped ones since I love tea so much!




Other booths were selling salsas and dips, breads and bagels, jewelry, art, and of course, fresh produce. The prices seemed a lot cheaper than the grocery store, too! I would definitely do some of my grocery shopping here if I lived in the area.



Dress: Forever 21//Shoes: Payless//Sunglasses: Nine West
This was our last day in Florida. My grandparents came down on Saturday, so they joined us on Sunday for the market. They stay down there for three weeks! We also went out to Olive Garden for dinner where I inhaled about 12 breadsticks throughout the course of the meal. They are seriously addicting. Part of the reason I chose this simple dress is because I knew we were eating at Olive Garden and it's more loose-fitting than some of my other dresses. It helps to wear something unrestrictive when you know you'e going to be eating a lot...haha. I also love throwing this dress on with my yellow wedges. I love mixing primary colors together!




My parents and I had an early flight home on Monday morning. I am not a morning person, so it was tough to get up at 5:45 a.m., especially when I couldn't get to sleep until around 2 in the morning. The only good thing about being up that early is that I got to see the sunrise from the airport!


We got back home at around 1 in the afternoon and while I absolutely love Florida, I still missed being in my own house and room. The house always looks weird and new to me after being away from it for a bit. While I was on the plane, I took some pictures of the clouds and view. I love taking pictures from inside the plane because how often do we really ever get to see the world from that high up? It still amazes me that one minute you're in one state and then a couple of hours later, you're in a completely different one. Anywho...I leave you with some shots from the plane! This is my last of the Florida posts!




  1. I loveeee Celebration!!! I've taken photos in that exact spot against the orange walls and with the marquee!! I wanna go back now - I should just move in with my mother in law. Ha - I kinda wish. That blue dress is adorable on you - perfect for Florida too. I think jersey fit and flare dresses should be like a uniform down there.

  2. Looks like such an amazing place to visit. I love visiting markets when I visit abroad, in the part of Scotland i live we don't really have anything like this because it's not really warm enough to grow fruit etc x

  3. i haven't visited that farmers market yet but i must check it out now! it's really funny how you were in my neck of the woods but i'm learning about new places from you haha :)

  4. Looks great that place! I whis I would see it. I love going to local markets. Just loved it..

    You look amazing on that dress :)


    SOfia G

  5. hey, new follower and pretty pics love your outfit is so cute ;)
    follow back, if you like. x andy