Friday, March 1, 2013

Quick Pics

Wow...February has just flown right by. It's finally March, and that means that springtime funtime is niiiiigh! :D It also means that Easter is around the corner. It's actually coming pretty early this year. It's definitely not an exciting holiday, but it still means getting dressed up in pretty spring colors and eating good food. I love that time of year. I love feeling the chill of winter leaving and the warmth coming back, along with more daylight in the longer days. I love all the flowers and how everything slowly becomes colorful again. It's such a refreshing and exciting time of year!

A couple of weeks ago, a few of us got together and made some homemade crunchwraps (again). They're so delicious and easy to make and a lot better quality than the ones from Taco Bell. We use ground turkey to make it even healthier! healthy as it can I also attempted to play Guess Who, but some of the pieces were missing. I ended up just being amused by the faces of all the characters.



[Sunset near the shore]
Of course, we also got hit with Winter Storm Nemo this month. It resulted in me being stuck in my house for almost 4 days and building an awesome snow fort in my backyard. Here are some more pictures from the epic snowstorm that I didn't put in my Nemo post.

[This was when it was first starting]
[Chris hollowing out our fort]
[What I wear to build a fort/sit around inside for 3 days: A ponytail and a vintage Mickey Mouse sweatshirt handed down from my mom]
[Tiara ended up liking our fort and enjoying some of the snow once it was dug out a bit]
For Valentine's Day, Chris and I went out to hibachi for dinner. I had the chicken and steak and everything was fantastic. I love how much food you get...rice, noodles, salad, soup, vegetables, and your choice of meat/seafood. It was so awesomely exciting and satisfying for the inner foodie in me. I really loved the atmosphere of the restaurant, the decor, and the food. It was just a general win all around.

[Hibachi restaurant decor]
[Onion volcano!]
You may remember me discussing my cannoli cake fail that led to my Oreo cake success. is a picture of the sad and pathetic disc of a cake that I ended up with. And again, the recipe wanted me to cut this into four separate layers. Needless to say, this cake was unusable and so I ended up making an awesome Oreo Chocolate Cake instead!

[Wah wah wahhhhhh]
I have a sort of obsession with old pictures. We have tons of them in our house and I love going through them and reliving all kinds of old memories, even ones that aren't mine. We have pictures from when my parents were dating, and even from when they were little kids. I always think it's interesting to see my parents at the age I am now. If time travel was possible, I'd totally go hang out with them when they were teenagers or in their 20's just to see what they were like. I should post some more old pictures sometime because they're too good. The gem below is a picture of me and two of my cousins circa 1995. Note my awesomely tacky romper and Jasmine sandals. Is it weird that I'd wear this present day? 


That last one is something that Chris drew and left on my dresser a while ago. I realized I never took a picture of it and it's super cute, so I thought I'd share! Just one of the many reasons I love him! :) Happy March, everyone!


  1. Such fun pictures :) Looks like February was an awesome month for you! I'm excited for some springtime funtime too haha!


  2. yay for spring being on its way! I can't wait! Seriously. Nemo sounds like it was insane! How fun that you built a snow fort! Hibachi is always fun! I love when they do the onion volcano its always awesome.