Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blossoming Sailor

You know when you have the perfect outfit to wear, but you just can't figure out what tights or sweater or whatever to wear with it? Surely there must be something hidden within the colorful abyss that is my tights drawer that matches what I'm wearing. Reluctantly, you start to give up and admit to yourself that you're just going to have to wait for warmer weather so that you can go sans tights. And then you flop onto the bed in defeat, still in your underwear, and watch Spongebob until you come up with something else. ...Or is that just me?





It definitely is a challenge to find the perfect colors or shades of colors to go together. I find it frustrating that even though I have a pair of tights in every color (and some colors in different shades), I still can't ever find a pair to go with certain outfits. That's just insane, right?




Dress: Trollied Dolly via Modcloth//Tights: Simply Vera by Vera Wang//Sweater: Take Out//Shoes: Mudd//Sunglasses: Rockstar via Modcloth
This outfit was a result of other failed outfits due to a lack-of-tights situation. Or the fact that I don't want to wear a cardigan with the outfit, or that I don't have the right colored cardigan in the first place. So I threw this together, and while I thought the tights I'm wearing might look weird, they actually turned out okay.




I liked shooting this dress by the ocean. It went along with the sailor collar and it was also a nice contrast to the colors in the dress. I was feeling a little whimsical so I grabbed my apple-shaped sunglasses before I left the house.





I can't believe I haven't really worn this dress a lot. I bought it to wear to my cousin's wedding last summer and haven't worn it since. It's adorned with lots of things that I love: floral, gingham, and a sailor collar. Plus, it has the perfect 50s-style shape to it. The patterns in general are reminiscent of that time period. Sweet, vintage-y goodness. :)





Tomorrow I plan on test driving a car! I am in desperate need of a new one. I still drive my mom's old '97 Toyota and it's pretty much on its last leg (tire?). I'm looking into Honda Civics since they seem pretty affordable, good on gas, and reliable. Everyone tells me that it's such a "mom" car, but I'm not really big on cars. I just want something that's going to work and not cost me as much! However, it'd be really nice someday to have a vintage car to take care of and bring to car shows. I would love a vintage car in that classic turquoise with white trim. I would love to take it out on nice days and listen to oldies with the windows down. :)


  1. I love collars like that on dresses! What cute fabric on the dress and I love how you put the outfit together! You make me want to get on a boat right now!!!

  2. This outfit it simply gorgeous! You're always very well put-together (and I always have this tights problem- I usually end up in black). And your writing is very good too, I love reading your posts!

  3. Love this! Such a sweet dress.


  4. I love love love Trollied Dolly (have you seen their new spring collection?), and you are definitely not the only one who has the perfect-outfit-except-for-one-thing experience. I have a bunch of planned things in my closet that won't QUITE work because one thing isn't exactly right. This outfit is gorgeous though, and the tights are perfect with it. I love the sunglasses too! What a gorgeous location -- where are you that you have access to such a beautiful place?!

    xox Sammi

  5. I love love love this dress! And the apples are adorbs. ♥ Meg


  6. The print on that dress is so adorable.

  7. This dress looks so so pretty on you Sara!! I know what you mean, and it is indeed soooo frustrating when you just can't seem to find any jackets or tights that go with a dress, argh! In those cases I usually just don't wear the dress and try again on another day. I think the white tights you chose are perfect though!! Oh, and good luck testing the car!


  8. You look like sea-princess here :) I love this dress, it is so beautiful! <3


  9. Such a cute look. I love that you watch Spongebob in "defeat." haha
    Good luck on test driving! Hey if you want that car, go for it! I have a Prius...and I get a ton of stereotypes! But it's great for me, reliable and totally a life saver on gas (and that commute I have!). =)

  10. Oh I am simply loving your photos and your blog! hello new friend!! what a picturesque setting!! love love love!

    what a delightful dress, loving the neckline on it!


  11. Such a beautiful dress!


  12. Your outfit ist gorgeous, especially your tights are adorable! Do you wear them also, when they get a hole or ladder, or throw away then?