Monday, May 13, 2013

Early Orcharding

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day yesterday! My family and I went out to brunch where I sipped a delicious mimosa and then devoured everything in sight. Afterwards, my mom and I took Tiara for a walk to try to awaken ourselves from our food comas. We were supposed to have tacos for dinner, but we ate so much that we weren't hungry even at 6.




My afternoon was spent at a local orchard where the apple trees were blossoming and goats were surfing on ponies. No, really. One of the goats kept jumping on top of the pony and standing on its back. It was the strangest thing!



I also had a vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles. It's a classic from my childhood that I still love. It used to be that all I'd ever get was vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. I'd never get M&Ms or Reese's or any other candy. Luckily, I branched out as I got older and discovered all the goodness of mixing candy with ice cream. Can you imagine life without candy toppings? I can't.


Dress: H&M//Sweater: American Eagle//Shoes: Payless//Tights: Unknown

It seems that lately when I try to take pictures, it's always super windy! Wind is something that I have no tolerance for. I won't even drive with my windows all the way down because I can't stand my hair whipping around and getting in my face.




The weather is pretty wonky around here. One day it's 76 degrees and then the next it's only 62. It seems that the hot days are the ones when I am stuck inside at work all day. It's supposed to be 70 on Saturday, so I'm hoping it stays that way. I can't wait until it's summer and warm all the time and I don't have to worry about coats or tights or anything!


  1. I love the pop of yellow against this dress! Such a perfect spring look.

    I can't get over that goat on top of the pony! That is hilarious, I can't stop laughing at the picture haha

  2. lovely dress!! beautiful pictures <3

  3. These photos are SO cute. I didn't even notice the print of that dress was strawberry-themed at first! Adorable. The goats, etc. jumping on the backs of ponies is probably the weirdest thing I've ever seen!! And chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles was always my childhood go-to, but now I love swirl with rainbow sprinkles best :)

    xox Sammi

  4. This post made me happy, who could want more than a cute dress, surfing goats and ice cream! X

  5. Loving this post and all the photos! especially the one with the goat jumping on the back of the pony! How funny! They do that? hahaha made me smile! I'm gonna show my boyfriend that...he'll like that! Lovely dress! and I hope your mummy had a lovely mother's day!

    loving the ice cream shot too! xxxxxx

  6. In Portugal mother's day was on the 5th of May, but yes it was a good day! I can see yours was wonderful! That dress plus a ice cream make the look of a cute little girl :) I couldn't imagine my life withou chocolate toppings *.*

    Sofia G

  7. I love nature so much & I love your photos <3 It's amazing to spend time with family :)

  8. I love the last two photos!! So good!! Yes, I enjoyed my Mother's Day!

  9. I looove your dress! And that odd pic of the goat riding the pony has made me laugh hard!

  10. Eating to your hearts content sounds like a great way to spend Mother's day if you ask me! Your photos are always such a treat to see, so fresh and beautiful. The goat on top of the pony literally made me laugh out loud, hahaha that's so strange!

  11. Gorgeous outfit! I've always loved going to the orchard - but the, I just love being in the country in general. ;)

    For Mother's Day my family went out to these two small, country towns for some antique shopping + ice cream and ended up getting hot dogs for lunch as well. It was a blast! I can't wait to post the pics I took! <3



  12. what a beautiful day you had, and spending it roaming around an orchard sounds perfect! also that goat jumping on the pony is hilarious, i'm surprised the pony let him stay there!

    little henry lee

  13. This dress is so adorable on you and these photos are awesome! looks like the coolest place to be.

  14. Oh my gosh, that is just perfect! Our goats use to play piggy back on our ponies as well and ride them around, it's just the craziest things to see. (Hah, goats and ponies, such a mischievous match!) that picture just totally made my day. :)

    You have such a lovely style, I'm a sucker for nature inspired colors like the darker green of your cardigan and I really love the photography on your blog, it's lovely!

  15. Goat and pony surfing! That's awesome! And I love the mustard shoes with this outfit - such a perfect pop. And I'm a big fan of ice cream with just sprinkles - I actually don't like chocolate in ice cream really - it gets too cold and hard.

  16. I just keep scrolling down your blog roll- I want to comment on everything! Your style is way too cute! Love the pic of the goat on the pony- adorable! And that ice cream- yum- that looks incredible- haha <3 Alex