Friday, May 10, 2013

Meet Tiara

I know I've mentioned her before and you may have seen a couple of pictures here and there, but I thought I'd officially introduce you to my little foofball, Tiara. She's a pomeranian who is now 13 years old, but still acts like she's a pup. She loves to run around, go for walks, and sit in your lap. She's also a huge fan of belly-rubs. She just loves to be with you at all times. She's super lovable...and adorable. :)



tiara and i


When I was about 10 or 11, my mom and I stopped in a pet store just to look at the puppies. That's always how it starts, right? We ended up seeing this little ball of fluff playing with the other puppies and getting bit on and stuff, so we decided to take her out and play with her. I am told that while I was holding her, I begged my mom to get her with the simple reasoning that I was "already in love with her!!". So my mom caved and the next day we had a new little pom pup! She was so, so little when we first got her. She could pretty much fit in our hands!





It's weird because Tiara never really got into playing with toys. She did, however, enjoy ripping apart our trash and dragging it under my mom's bed. She also enjoyed gnawing the wooden baseboards in our house and chewing our underwear. She also liked to escape sometimes and take off down the street at 6 in the morning and I'd have to chase her around while half-dead from sleep deprivation before going to school. She was a bit of a handful as a puppy, but she grew out of it and is now super well-behaved.



[This one always kills me]

Tiara always looks like she's happy and smiling, even when she's just hanging out and relaxing. I love how her face is kind of like a little fox and how her big fluffy tail curls in on itself. I always found it funny the way she hops up and down on her hind legs when she's excited. She still does it even though she's a little older now. My mom would always say it's like she has springs in her feet.





It is so hard to photograph her because she's always moving around. And for some reason, I always manage to get her with her tongue sticking out. Sometimes she lets me get some nice ones, though.





I would definitely recommend getting a pomeranian if you were ever considering it or thinking about getting a smaller dog. They are loyal, playful, and generally cheerful dogs. Tiara will literally follow you around from room to room and just lay at your feet and hang out with you while you do things. Pomeranians are lap dogs, so be prepared for lots of cuddling and love...and very dainty kisses.

[Back when I had dyed my hair!]

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  1. oh my gosh, look at the smile! What a happy looking little dog! I'm not usually a great dog person but some breeds would really convert me. I love the third picture so much xox

  2. little foofball :3 :3 he is so gorgeous!! lovely blog!!

  3. !!! So cute! I loved this, being a puppy freak over here. She is such a cutie, like a little lion. And the old photos of you!!! So great

  4. Aw so cute :) I love puppies! My mom has two very loveable Chihuahuas with similar habits :)

  5. I love dogs and your Pom is so cute!!!! I loved reading the story about how you got her. That is pretty much how I got my first dogs. . .and then with the one I have now, I worked at the pet store and wanted to keep them all, but I noticed that my dog was not being bought even though she was the most adorable little thing ever. . .that I asked my boss if I could keep her for two week to see how things went. . .well, I bought her a week later only haha. She's 11 now.