Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Concrete and Mint

I have been waiting two months to wear these shoes. Two months! I got them on sale at DSW. They were the only ones in the store, according to the sales associate. She said they must've been a return from someone who ordered them online. Lucky me that they were my size! Ever since I got them, I had been trying to style them, but it was still chilly out and they just weren't looking right with any of my tights. Mint is a weird and somewhat hard color to style, I feel...especially if you're like me and lack pastels. I would've loved to wear them with a pretty lavender dress!




I wore this outfit to my friend's baby shower last weekend. She's having a little girl! The baby's room is purple, so I thought it'd be appropriate to wear some purple floral in honor of the little one. :) There was such good food at the restaurant she had the shower at. I especially loved the cavatelli with broccoli. I loved it so much that I had seconds, and then ate some of the leftovers that my friend took home later on. I feel like I like pasta more when it's not in sauce, but has vegetables mixed in with it. Does that make me a bad Italian? Oh well.



Dress: H&M//Shoes: Restricted
I am allergic to pollen and this week the pollen literally looked like snow...that's how bad it was. And of course, my allergies started acting up. So the last few days have been spent with clogged sinuses and really bad sleep. Needless to say, I am exhausted. I'm still a little stuffy, but the pollen forecast looks better for the next few days so hopefully it'll all subside soon. It usually only happens to me once a year at the beginning of spring. This year I got a double whammy. Thanks a lot, nature!!


  1. Your shoes! <3 <3 <3 Seriously, so gorgeous! I'm a little jealous.

    I hope you feel better soon! I know from experience that allergies are no fun. :-P I actually have a slight cold today so I can relate to the congested feeling. Blech.

  2. I've got hayfever too and it's reallllly bad at the moment in England! The moment I wake up itchy eyes galore and sneeeezing!

    These mint shoes are soooo cute!!! and that pretty purple dress is a beautiful shape and colour. I hope you had fun at the baby shower!!

    xxx Rebecca

  3. How I know well how it feels to be on pollen high season! I'm allergic to pollen from gramineas and pinus. It's horrible, and because the weather with the global warmimg it's getting weird now there are no right seasons for gramineas, so now it's like allergic season all the year!

    I love those shoes, they are beautiful! Pastel are hard to suit with another clothes that's true but I love very much pastel colors. Did I saw a tatoo on your left feet? I have a tatoo on that same place too, a butterfly :)
    Sofia G

  4. Oh my gosh, what a find with these shoes! They're so adorable and look fantastic with this dress, which is lovely all on its own. Congrats to your friend!

  5. Oh my goodness. Those SHOES!!! They are incredible, and you are such a lucky girl for finding them in your size! I think they look lovely with that purple dress (though I think they'd look great with a lavender color too, which would be such a nice color on you)! Side note, I drove past Nyack (which I THINK is where you said you are, but I can't remember) the other day while I was coming home from my boyfriend's and thought of you!

    xox Sammi

  6. So chic and elegant, you look beautiful!

  7. These shoes are so beautiful and they work so well with this outfit.

  8. It looks like perfect outfit for a baby shower :) This dress is so lovely and I fell in love with your mint flats *_* So perfect ! and the story <3.


  9. I think the shoes were worth the wait, they're lovely! and yeah, pastels can be so hard to wear with something other than pastels, but this combo is really pretty.

  10. I'm feeling quite tired too! No allergies here though. Hope you feel better soon! I'm kind of obsessed with those shoes, they're just incredible!! And I love the purple dress, you look super pretty :)
    Oh, and to answer your question my usual lipstick is from tarte. I can't remember the color name though...