Monday, July 29, 2013

Quick Pics

July was a pretty good month! I started it off with cherry picking, saw some fireworks for the 4th of July, and I headed to campus for a week long residency while taking two intensive classes. I also ate a bunch of Trix, which was awesome. For some reason I've been craving lots of cereal lately. I'm still unforgiving to the fact that Trix aren't fruit-shaped anymore.




If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love to share baby pictures and old family photos. If you don't follow me then you should start! ;) Here are a couple that I posted recently. Everyone says that I look just like my mom. What do you think?



I got to drive through the Catskills on my way to campus, which was pretty nice. They're super scenic and pretty. I'd really love to see them in the fall. I also caught a really pretty sunset up there!



I had a jalapeno popper grilled cheese for the first time earlier this month, and it was really yummy. I stopped at this place with a friend where they had a little restaurant with couches and whatnot, as well as a little country store with penny candy and knick knacks. I love country stores and old general stores. It's part of the reason why I have a soft spot for Cracker Barrel. I also got my awesome comic print skirt in the mail from ASOS and found a cool old Jurassic Park pin.




I don't know if I've ever talked about it, but all my life I've had this little dot in my eye. My friend from high school would always joke about how it's a portal to another dimension. One day last year I finally decided to look into it and found out that my small little dot is an eye freckle! They're not harmful at all. They just kinda happen. I think it's pretty neat!


August is on its way, and that means we're that much closer to the end of summer. I remember when I never wanted summer to end because that meant going back to school. Now I'm pretty indifferent to it. Sometimes summer fashion can get a little boring and repetitive for me because I just want to throw on a dress and some wedges. It's definitely easier to get creative in the fall and spring when you can layer. But of course, when it's autumn or spring I can't wait to not have to wear tights. It's always something! haha. Autumn is definitely the prettiest time of the year and the most sentimental for me, with spring coming in second.


  1. jalapeno popper grilled cheese sounds good!
    :) Liz @

  2. Looks like you were about to drop your camera into you cereal! A milky camera is a bad camera. But I love all your shots! I just want to reach in and eat that grilled cheese!

  3. American cereal is so much more interesting than the cereal in the UK. Is that a weird thing to be jealous of?

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. I was very upset about Trix changing as well - though my mom told me that it was actually originally balls and then was changed to fruit shapes and is now back to balls again, but I'm not sure whether or not that's accurate. And mmmm jalepeno popper grilled cheese?! Yum!!

    xox Sammi

  5. yay those photos are perfect !

  6. such lovely pictures..the old family photos are adorable and the cherry picture is stunning!

  7. Love all of these shots!!

    Xo, Hannah

  8. Awesome skirt!
    I recently started following your blog and nominated you for the Liebster award! Check it out if you have the time! :)