Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Intergalactic, Planetary

I can't tell you how excited I am to finally own something in galaxy print. I found this onesie at Forever 21 a couple of months ago. It was the only one left, and it was a large, but I still got it even though it's two sizes too big. I mean...it's a onesie. What does it really matter the size if I'm just going to wear it under something? They're naturally pretty form-fitting anyway.





I have always loved space and found it fascinating. When I was little, I had so many books about space and the constellations. My parents got me a telescope one year and I don't think I got as much use out of it as I should've. I'd probably appreciate it a lot more now because space is awesome. It's beautiful, mysterious, and mind-blowing. I really love looking at the stars and finding the constellations and trying to find planets. I also love when there's a meteor shower because it's so cool to watch them fly by.





When Hurricane Irene hit us a couple of years ago, the power was out for days and that meant that we could see so many more stars. It was awesome. I love when I get a glimpse of a shooting star. I saw a lot during that period of time. They happen a lot more often than I used to think! I always get excited, too, when the moon looks especially awesome. I love when it gets huge or when it's orangey-red.




Bodysuit: Forever 21//Skirt: Forever 21//Shoes: Mudd
I don't think I have my telescope anymore, but luckily one of the local colleges has an observatory and they offer free public viewings every week.  They have two giant telescopes and they have them pointed at neat things like planets or nebulas. It's so cool to see, and it's a cheap and interesting outing! haha. I suggest finding one in your area if you're like me and are trying to save money, but still go out and do cool stuff.





I love going to the beach at night to look at the sky. The water looks all dark and endless and for a while, it just seems like you're in a big dome. Like the world is just a huge dome and the sky and stars appear to be so much closer than they really are. It's interesting to take in and look at. It's also interesting to think about how little we really know about what's in the universe, but then also think about how little we know about what's at the bottom of our own oceans since we can't really get down there to see. Sometimes I wonder what it'd look like and what we'd find if we could somehow drain the ocean for a day. It'd be pretty crazy, right?! Who knows what really lies down there. Creepy stuff!


  1. I also love looking at the stars :) Around 3:40am, they're so visible and all shiny! They seems closer at this time of the day, it's so beautiful! :)
    I love the nebula bodysuit, I don't own any bodysuit, but I think it's pretty :) xx


  2. You look so cute in these pictures hon! Your skirt is so feminine and pretty and I love the galaxy print!

  3. I'm so jealous that you used to have a telescope- so awesome! I love your galaxy-print outfit, you look gorgeous!

    Xo, Hannah


  4. pretty,like the skirt :)

    giveaway! :)


  5. That skirt again! You wear it so well. And this seems like a great way to do galaxy print - it always feels a little overwhelming on me when I try it on in dress form.