Monday, September 2, 2013

Quick Pics

August really just flew by. It's unbelievable! It seems like I was in Pennsylvania a week ago, but it's really been over two weeks since I went! This post is going to be full of a lot of sneak peeks at posts that I haven't been able to get to yet. For instance, my trip to New York City and my day in Hershey that I will be posting soon!


[My cousin and her pup!]
I had a little bit of an obsession with this lighthouse at sunset a little while back. It's just so pretty and I love taking silhouette shots. I also went to this antique shop with my friend Joey where I found Genie's lamp.



I'm always anxious and excited for autumn to get here, but there's just something about seeing all the Halloween decorations and candy out that really makes me giddy. Also, iced chai lattes are amazing and definitely help in bringing in the autumn spirit.



I ended up going to a museum this month that I also haven't gotten around to posting about yet. I just like seeing dinosaur stuff. If there's no dino stuff, then I lose interest pretty quickly, unless it's a science museum where you get to do hands-on things.



We took my brother who was up for a week from Alabama to New York City since he has never been. While there, we visited B&H, which is a huge electronics store that my dad loves. I've grown fond of them too since they almost always have some of the best prices on photography stuff. My mom and I had a little fun with Photobooth while we were there. My brother and I also saw this Lego art exhibit at the Discovery Museum and it was pretty amazing!



In Hershey, I had the best cookie ever and saw the cute lamp posts that are shaped like Hershey Kisses that my mom always liked to tell me about. And that's all I'll say for now!



This month I attended my friend's 32nd annual luau. Her family has this giant luau party in their yard every year and it's been happening since before she was even born. I love fun traditions like that! There's always so much food that I feel like I'm going to die after I eat it all. Ugh...but it's so good! I wore my Hawaii crop top and the lei I got in Florida for the occasion.


I just went to a pig roast yesterday, which is another annual tradition that another one of my friends' family does. There was a lot of food there, too. And yes, they actually roasted a whole pig...and it was delicious. :) Anyway....Happy Labor Day, everyone! Picnics, ahoy!

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