Monday, October 21, 2013

Cat Knees

I had another busy, fun-filled weekend! Phew! I went to Six Flags for Fright Fest on Friday night, even though I pretty much had no voice. I still somehow managed to scream and shriek in the haunted attractions. We went in the Wicked Woods and Total Darkness. They were both sort of lame, but I enjoyed it anyway because I still got all nervous and anxious while walking through. It's fun to feel that way when it comes to Halloween type things. I wish I was startled a little more, though. I think I only screamed once in each attraction.






I also went on Bizarro, which was super fun. I think it was only my second time on that roller coaster. It's one of the very few that I will actually go on at Six Flags because I don't like ones that go upside down. It just freaks me out and I'm afraid that I'll somehow fall out. It took me a while to build up the courage to go on Bizarro the first time because the drop is so high and steep, but I finally did it and loved it. Anyway...I'm just glad that I got to go on a roller coaster and do fun haunted attractions. I got the best of both worlds, which was my goal for the night.







Saturday I went to a pretty state park where the foliage was really nice and then made homemade crunchwraps with some friends. I also went to a Halloween party that night, which was the first time I got to wear my costume this season! If you follow me on Instagram, you will have gotten a peek at some pictures from all of my adventures that I have not gotten to posting about on here yet.






Yesterday was a nice chill-out day. I went pumpkin picking with my parents. I got a little baby bottle of cider for the ride home, and I got some pumpkin spice chai tea that I've been wanting to try! It was pretty good. I'm wondering if I should've put a little milk in it though to get even more of that pumpkin spice chai latte taste.






My dad decided it was a good idea to just put our pumpkin in the trunk. As you can imagine, we could hear it rolling around the whole ride home. Unfortunately by the time we got home, our pumpkin's stem was a bit broken, so now it has a stubby stem. It'll be fine, though. I just hope the squirrels don't eat it before we get to carve it! They usually wait until after it's carved, though. I can't wait until we carve it so that my mom can roast the seeds. Pumpkin seeds are one of my favorite seasonal snacks, and they're best when you bake them at home after scooping them out of your pumpkin. I do enjoy the packaged ones too, though. So good! :)






Dress: H&M//Blazer: Mine//Tights: Forever 21//Shoes: H&M
Aren't these tights so cute?! I kept seeing them all over the Internet and thought they were so adorable. I always kind of wanted a pair, but not badly enough to spend lots of money (plus shipping) on them. When I saw them in Forever 21 for about 8 or 10 bucks, I decided to finally just get them. The women at this store/farm thought they were tattoos at first, which a lot of other people think when they first see them as well. Or they think I drew them on my knees with So whenever I wear these tights, I inevitably have to correct someone and say "No, they are just tights!". The women thought they were the cutest thing ever, though. They probably fussed over it for a solid five minutes. Then we discussed tattoos for a bit and that was that. They were really nice and sweet. Plus they have a bowl of free candy in the shop, which is a fast way to win me over!


  1. Six flags looks absolutely amazing but I'm a total wimp. Pumpkin picking also looks so fun but it's not really a thing in the UK. Love your cat tights, adorable :)

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. I also live in the UK and wished we made more of a thing of pumpkins. I try and hold a pumpkin carving party every year but have to really hunt around for the pumpkins themselves. Last year we failed and had to use giant squash! lol. Still worked. They were green like zombie pumpkins. I love the massive ones next to you sitting down, don't think I've ever seen ones like that!

  3. Sara- these are awesome photos! It looks like you had a great time and I love how you captured all of the little details and decorations. I am a huuuuuge fan of fall, just the mere site of pumpkins makes me happy :) :) What adorable tights too! I love your outfit :)

    xo, Alyssa

  4. Looks super fun :) Plus, those cat tights are so adorable!


  5. These photos are the epitome of fall and you look beautiful!

  6. I'm so glad you had a fun weekend! Love your little kitty tights and blue blazer.

    Xo, Hannah

  7. Great photos and those tights are so cute! x

  8. Sara- this is so funny! I've followed your blog for a bit (and love it), did you go through the Midnight Mansion at Six flags? I run that attraction and I always love feedback. Are you in Mass as well?

    1. Midnight Mansion is actually the only one I didn't go in. :( I'm in CT, so I'm pretty close to Mass.!