Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Delicious Autumn! My Very Soul Is Wedded To It"

All this month, I have been watching the foliage reports religiously. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss the peak colors and that I was going to the right places where the colors were supposedly the best. I know that a lot of the more northern states in the Northeast are now past peak but the lower parts are still at peak. These were taken at a state forest where it was not peak, but close to it a couple of weeks ago. I read good things about it when I was doing my research. The forest was really nice, although the roads that go through it aren't so much. They were super narrow and full of potholes and bumps.






This autumn really has been the most perfect I have ever experienced. The weather has been amazing, not too hot and not too cold. It's the perfect temperature where you don't have to bundle up in coats, but you also can't go bare-legged. I love being able to just leave the house in a dress, tights, a sweater and maybe a light jacket. I love when layering is enough to keep you warm and you don't need a heavy coat that covers everything.






Another thing about this autumn that made it so perfect was the foliage. It didn't get ruined by any freak snowstorms (like it did a year or two ago) and it hasn't even really rained this season either, which is great. I was afraid it might rain a lot and make all the leaves disappear too fast. But we've had pretty perfect days. The only thing that seemed to happen was that it'd be cloudy on my days off so that the foliage wasn't illuminated by the sunlight when I went to look at it all, but it's still gorgeous anyway. There's nothing better than a ground that's so covered in leaves that you can't see anything besides them, as long as there's still plenty on the trees too.





Dress: Dear Creatures//Sweater: H&M//Scarf: Thrifted//Boots: Xhilaration//Belt: Forever 21//Tights: Unknown//Jacket: Red BBQ
I wanted to match my outfit to the colors of the leaves. My favorites leaves are the deep crimson ones and the bright orange ones, so I decided to wear both of those colors. I told you I'd keep bringing this dress back. I can't get enough!







I really wanted to soak in as much autumny goodness as I could this month while the leaves were at their best and the season was so great. I'm pretty sure that every time I had a day off, I made sure I was outside somewhere with good foliage. It doesn't last very long, so I wanted to take advantage of the beauty as much as I could. It's always sad to see it go come November. I'm pretty satisfied with my autumny adventures, though. I already can't wait for next year, though! I want fall foliage and pumpkins and apple orchards and layered outfits forever!


  1. Gorgeous and so Autumn like! Love your boots <3 Alex


  2. i wish the autumn here! now...the leaves in the floor makes me nostalgic...i love that! enjoy the season!...nice color in your dress by the scarf in your neck...

  3. Great pics, Autumn is the best time of year. My Favorite.......

  4. Agreed, autumn rocks and this look perfectly embodies the season! I love your orange dress and those boots are great! Lovely look hon :)

  5. Autumn is my favorite! I love your whole outfit... especially those boots ♥