Monday, October 28, 2013


Whenever I wear high-waisted jeans and a tied up button-down, I always feel like Rosie the Riveter, even if nothing I'm wearing resembles what she wore. I love the simplicity of this ensemble and feel that it's a comfy and easy way to bring back a retro look. I also love wearing dressier shoes with jeans.





I still need some more pairs of high-waisted jeans. Perhaps that's something I can put on my Christmas list this year. The ones I have are from Urban Outfitters, but I'm wondering if I can find some elsewhere too. Any suggestions? I don't like when jeans are advertised as being high-waisted, but then they still end up sitting below the bellybutton. If you are advertising high-waisted, then they better reach my waist! That's what I liked about these UO jeans. That and they're pretty comfy. Funnily enough, this shirt is also from Urban, but I thrifted it and didn't get it from an actual Urban store.





Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters//Top: Urban Outfitters (thrifted)//Shoes: Jessica Simpson
These photos was taken a couple of days after I dyed my hair. Can you see the difference? I really like the dark look. I was so excited after it was done and we dried and styled it. It's always exciting to throw a little change into the mix and try something different, especially when it comes to style, hair, makeup, etc. It's like the feeling you get when you finally throw caution to the wind and chop off all your hair. I'm still loving my short hair over my long hair.






I can't believe October is almost over and Christmas is less than two months away. I have no idea what I'm getting anybody. I really love Christmas shopping. I love picking out presents for people and then hunting for the best deals (mostly online). It's also not a bad time to do a little shopping for yourself...haha. There's so many sales and deals everywhere! I'm not really a Black Friday person. I've gone shopping on Black Friday, but I'm never buying anything that's usually marked down for Black Friday (like electronics), so there's not really a point for me. I also think it's not right for people to have to go into work on Thanksgiving night. Stores should keep Black Friday starting on Black Friday, not Thanksgiving. Let people eat with their families!


  1. You totally remind me of a pin up girl- love the inspiration <3 Alex

  2. Giiiiirl these high waisted jeans look stellar on you!!! You look awesome. I'm personally a fan of the Karaoke Songstress jeans from ModCloth. Also, I like the BDG line that Urban Outfitters carries!

    xox Sammi