Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever

Alright, so I didn't really find the biggest pumpkin ever (although I did see some big ones!), but does anyone else remember that book from when they were a kid? It was one of my favorites when I was little. I eventually tracked down a copy a couple of years ago so that I can relive my childhood with it. What can I say...I've always loved pumpkins and all things autumny! Hooray for October! :D





A few weeks ago I received an e-mail in the middle of the week saying that the pumpkin patch was opening that coming weekend. On that Saturday, I woke up and went through my usual ritual of pulling all kinds of items out of my closet to try to put together an outfit. I eventually ended up with this outfit, and then decided that it looked like I should be in a pumpkin patch. It was like that e-mail planted the idea in the back of my mind and when I woke up that day, it was already decided that I'd end up at the pumpkin patch on the opening day.






Prepare to get sick of this dress, because I can't stop remixing it. I don't have enough remixed items to do all kinds of remix posts, but if I was to do one, it would definitely be about this dress. I still have other ideas for how to wear it too! It's just so versatile and I love to wear it during this season since it's the perfect shade of burnt orange. I also need to talk about how much I love these Clarks heels. I wish I had them in every color because they're both super comfortable and super cute! You'll probably see them a lot too.






Since it was opening day for the pumpkin patch, it was like having the first pick of the crop! Not that I was looking to purchase a pumpkin, but I did see the perfect one that I'd love to get if I was buying a pumpkin. It was big and round and had a good, sturdy stem. Ugh...pumpkins just make me so happy. Seriously. I just want to be surrounded by them all season long. I've decided that someday when I have a house that I will be one of those people that goes crazy with the outdoor autumn decor. I don't mean with those giant, tacky blow-up dolls or obnoxious screaming Halloween statues. I mean I'd want it to look pretty and nice with hay bales, tons of pumpkins (both orange and white!), corn husks, and maybe a pretty autumn wreath on the door. I also love those little painted wooden signs that say things like "Happy Fall" or "Pumpkins This Way". Even something like this is nice and cute. I can't wait to be able to decorate my own place someday!





Dress: Dear Creatures//Dress worn as shirt: H&M//Shoes: Clarks//Scarf: Apt. 9//Belt: Forever 21
Every fall I always see great pumpkin decorating ideas, especially while I'm browsing through Pinterest. By the way, autumn is my favorite time to browse through Pinterest. I have a whole board dedicated to autumn and it makes me so happy when I look through it. There are so many awesome ideas to be found on there! I keep seeing chalkboard-painted pumpkins which I really love because a black and white look is perfect for Halloween. I'd love to give that a try sometime. My parents usually just get one pumpkin and we carve it and bake the seeds afterwards. It'd be cool to get a couple of smaller ones and experiment with decorating them. I just might do it this year! :)


  1. You look so adorable! That dress is just absolutely perfect especially for fall and all the pumpkins around! Can't wait to see how else you remix it.

    And isn't decorating just so fun!? I love getting into the holidays!


  2. This dress is EVERYTHING. It's gorgeous on you, and this outfit is SO perfect for your pumpkin-adventuring!! Lovely lovely lovely.

    xox Sammi

  3. I love this dress! Please do remix it many more times because it is perfect for fall! love how that email sparked your interest in going to the pumpkin patch too. great place to take your outfit photos!

    I am your latest follower/fan. Check out my blog and follow if you like: (no pressure though!)

    Take care and talk to you soon Sara!


  4. Okay I am in LOVE with these shots! Your orange dress matches the pumpkins perfectly and the photo of you jumping made me swoon.

    Xo, Hannah