Sunday, November 17, 2013

Inspired by Hogwarts: Hufflepuff

Let's talk about Hufflepuff. For some reason, they've sort of been thought of as the lamest of the houses. No one of real note in the series has been from Hufflepuff, with the exception of Cedric Diggory (And Tonks, too, was a Hufflepuff). They say that Hufflepuff is not very selective with who comes into their house. They will accept pretty much anyone. It is also said that they are similar to Gryffindors, except that they are less "showy" about their accomplishments and more modest. So overall, they may not have as many super talented witches and wizards, but they are very fair, loyal, and hard working.




J.K. Rowling has actually said that Hufflepuff is her favorite house! They do things solely because they believe they should, not because they believe they should AND it'd make them look awesome. It is said that Gryffindors have a tendency to be a little show-offy, even though they are doing things for the good and right reasons.




The colors for Hufflepuff are black and yellow, so I thought my black and yellow polka dotted dress would be perfect. I also read that earth is the element that roughly corresponds with the house. Because of this, I decided to go into the woods where there's plenty of dirt and nature. I've always loved this tree, which I have always called the "Spooky Tree" ever since I first saw it. It's just so cool and eerie looking with it's doorway-esque opening and jagged top. It's as if something could've lived in it at some point in time. Plus, there is the Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter, so a forest setting with a creepy tree was appropriate.




So this is the first time I've worn over the knee socks in probably about 8-10 years. I was always afraid that they wouldn't fall right on my legs and they'd make me look stumpy. I think it was more because I always had knee socks and not over the knee socks, so they'd stop at an unflattering place on my legs. I've also noticed that it works better when the skirt is of a shorter length and the socks come up to the thigh. They should really just be called thigh-hi socks, is what I'm getting at, just as there are thigh-hi stockings.



Dress: Sans Souchi//Sweater: Pins and Needles via Urban Outfitters//Socks: Apt. 9//Tights: Unknown//Shoes: H&M
Back to Hufflepuff and Cedric Diggory... I pretty much always cry when Cedric dies in the movie. It's just so sad with his father there and everything. It's really horrible, and I feel like the Harry Potter series makes a transition from kids movies to more mature and darker movies somewhere within the third and fourth films. Things just start to really get serious once Voldemort is back in a human form.




J.K. Rowling really did a good job at creating a story that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and that progresses perfectly plot-wise and age-wise with the characters. The story becomes more and more involved, deep and profound with every installment and I think that's one of the reasons that people kept craving more, and still do. Everything unfolds at the perfect times and pace. And of course, each book gets better with the last one being the ultimate climax of emotion, power, and all-around awesomeness.


  1. I love you so much for doing these posts! I grew up with Harry Potter — I got the first book when I was 8, and I think I read each of them at least two or three times over the years. Because of that, these posts are making me incredibly happy! Partly because of the HP factor, and partially because your outfits are adorable. (This dress is TOO cute) I always thought I'd be a Hufflepuff, and I never understood why people think it's a lame house! I think all of the people who think that are lame :)

  2. very cool tree and you look pretty:)

  3. Hooray for featuring Hufflepuff! My boyfriend was actually just making fun of me today for being a Hufflepuff according to Pottermore. (He got Gryffindor of course.) You're absolutely right about the Hufflepuffs and after reading this I'm even more convinced that's what house I'd be in. I really love the cool tree you took pictures with for this post. Your double polka dot outfit is adorable too and I'm loving the over-the-knee socks. You're so right that socks that come up over the knee are way more flattering than ones that end before the knee.

  4. 1. You're adorable 2. That dress is adorable 3.Harry Potter is awesome

  5. Yay!!! Hufflepuff! I love the whole over the knee socks and mid tigh skirt length combo look! It's such a cute look! I really wish I could wear it, but I'm too self concious of my tighs >_<

  6. This is such a cute outfit! I love polka-dots and over the knee socks ^__^ I think I'd be a Ravenclaw (because I can be quite lazy) but my husband is a total Hufflepuff (and yes, this something we totally discuss!) ^__^

  7. your posts made ​​me Harry Potter back to see them ... but has made me want to read his books, I do not know people around me and likes Harry Potter so much,but reading your reviews I feel understood by the love this story ... by the way the original inspiration to make your dressing ... <3

  8. You got me with "inspired by hogwarts." A newbie (way behind the bandwagon) to J.K. Rowlings hit - I've recently become obsessed. For Halloween, my best friend and I threw a huge Hogwarts Soiree and encouraged all of our guests to dress for the occasion. I was so pumped when all but 2 showed up in full Hogwarts attire. Seeing as you're a fellow Harry Potter fan, you may enjoy my recent posts about the shindig:

    ps. I found you via Maddie Richardson and am so glad I did! New follower!

  9. That tree is amazing.

  10. you are adorable and I am glad to see that you love harry potter just as much as I do!

  11. Beautiful! That yellow polka dot dress looks great on you and I love your knee-high socks!

  12. Such an adorable dress! love the yellow on you a well :)

    I always think the same thing about thigh-highs, they never seem to stay in place!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  13. I love this!! Anything inspired by Hogwarts or Harry Potter is right up my alley!! I definitely think I would've been in Hufflepuff! Your outfit is so cute!!
    Sincerely, Sara

  14. Aw! You look so cute!! <3 I know *so* many Hufflepuffs! <3

    And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! It made my day!