Friday, November 22, 2013

Milkshake Print

Lately, the last thing I want is a milkshake because it's gotten pretty cold around here. I've been craving a lot of nice and warm teas and chai lattes. I feel like every year I become less tolerable of the cold, which makes me feel old. Anyway, it's always a good time to wear a fun milkshake print dress! :)






Can you believe I've only worn this dress once? It's mostly to do with the fact that it's mint and for me, mint is a hard color to style for some reason. I love mixing red with it, which is what I did the first time I wore it and now again. I'm trying to figure out what other colors I could wear it with, especially now that winter is approaching and layering will be mandatory.





Dress: Sugarhill Boutique via Modcloth//Sweater: New York & Company//Tights: Simply Vera by Vera Wang//Shoes: Dana Buchman via Kohl's
I often find that no matter how much I layer and how many warm pieces I buy, the cold still manages to make its way in and down to the core of my bones. This is especially true in January, February when the temperatures can get to be in the single digits or below 0. I have sweater tights, tights lined with fleece, a ton of big cozy sweaters, a down winter coat, tall waterproof boots, and still I end up freezing in the end. And because of this, you tend to just not want to go out as much, and you especially find it hard to want to go out in the cold and take off my coat while taking outfit pictures. I'm sure a lot of my fellow bloggers can relate to this. Winter can be a blogging burden. I'm never looking forward to it, with the exception of Christmas. After Christmas, I'm done with winter. Be gone!






This month flew by! It seems like November just started and now it's a little over a week from being over. I think I've finally figured out ideas for what I'm getting most of the people on my list for Christmas. I usually do most of my shopping online. I find that's where the best deals are, and I get to avoid all the crowds and lines. Win-win! Sometimes I like to venture out to shop during the holiday season, though. It can be fun to be a part of the hustle and bustle.


  1. Ahh the best dress. I've only ever worn mine once, too (so far)! Red goes perfectly with it (I love that it brings out the little cherries!). And it's getting soo cold here too... I'm just not ready. November definitely flew by. Obviously, I do most of my shopping online too (because when do I NOT?), but I agree that I like a little smidgen of hustle and bustle... just to get in the holiday spirit :)

    xox Sammi

  2. you have a gorgeous blog. I just followed :) I love that dress and that red cardigan. :) Beautiful location too.

    I hope you can stop by and return the favor,

  3. I love the print! Adorable! I'm so with you on hating winter during January and February! After December I just want to stay in bed all day!
    Sincerely, Sara

  4. I do my Christmas shopping online too. There are so many great deals to be found and I also can do it while in my pajamas and sipping hot tea. Though I could always go for a milkshake nomatter what the temperature is outside! Yum!

    This outfit is just so incredibly pretty. I love the way mint looks with red. You make me want to wear a mint and red outfit asap! This dress is adorable on you. I really like it all styled up for the cooler weather.

  5. Loving this dress SO much! And the way you styled it is amazing! Great location too <3 Alex

  6. So cute! I love love love novelty prints! I know how you feel about being the cold becoming less tolerable and feeling older. I realized after moving to San Francisco (the normally overcast, cold, rainy part) that it was more because of my mindset. I convinced myself that I need to just get used to it and I sort of did as I didn't need as many layers.

  7. so, it's funny that this is the second time you wore this dress...'cause it's what you were wearing the last time I visited! It's a really pretty dress, but yeah I really don't want a milkshake right now either--too cold! PS: your harry potter outfits are awesome! and I was really late jumping on the hp bandwagon too.

  8. This dress is so retro and cute! I didn't know there was a milkshake dress out there ... I'll be keeping an eye out for donuts too :p

  9. Chris - @nylonlover69 on TwitterNovember 27, 2013 at 12:55 PM

    Oh so cute! Please wear this more often!