Sunday, December 29, 2013


As always, Christmas came and went in a flash! We spend so much time preparing for it, and then it's gone in the matter of a day or less, depending on your Christmas traditions. I got a lot of new clothes and accessories for Christmas. I already did a shoot where I wore a bunch of new things from my Christmas loot, but that'll probably wait until the new year. I still have to exchange with a few of my friends that I haven't gotten to see yet, so it'll be like a little holiday extension!





Unfortunately, I had a cold almost the whole week of Christmas. It wasn't too bad since I took a ton of Zicam to lessen the severity of it, but I still couldn't sleep well since I couldn't breathe. When I get sick, my sinuses always get hit the worst. They always end up super swollen and stuffy, so much that no form of medicine or home remedies ever help. My cold combined with all the excitement and festivities of Christmas caused me to become a little sleep deprived. This weekend I finally got to catch up on my sleep, though. I slept 10 hours both Friday and last night!





Although I was a little under the weather, I was still able to get all my Christmas cookie baking done at the beginning of the week. I made gingerbread, sugar cookies, and hot cocoa cookies. I'll be posting the hot cocoa cookie recipe soon! If you're interested in my gingerbread or sugar cookies, you can check out the recipes here and here!




Dress: Fervour via ModCloth//Sweater: American Eagle//Tights: Apt. 9//Boots: Rockport (thrifted)//Belt: Forever 21
I just had to style this dress again because the print is so awesome and begs to be worn with so many different things. It's one of those dresses that can be worn in so many varying ways. I love versatile pieces!




After I was done with this shoot, I headed over to the nearby beach to watch the sunset. I got there just in time to see the colors get all gradient and pretty. It gets dark so soon in the winter, and I hate it! The days are so much shorter and it's dark by 5, 5:30. I wish the days could be long like they are in the summer all year round!


  1. That must be so nice to be in walking distance to a beach! I wish I had that! Happy Holidays!

    love, polly :)

  2. Until this year I had never had a problem with my sinuses, then I got a cold and my gosh do they ache something chronic!

    I miss being close-ish to a beach. Lovely pictures of the sunset.


  3. I was sleep deprived around Christmas due to barking dogs and loud speaking relatives haha. It's never as comfortable to sleep at someone else's house. I hope you're starting to feel better though. Being sick on a holiday is awful.

    But anyway, I love your galaxy print dress so much. The green cardigan looks great with it and I'm loving your colorful tights too. The colors in this are really fun together.