Saturday, January 25, 2014


Phew...I finally got my hair cut and now it's super short again! I guess it's considered a bob, which I'm ok with. It hasn't been this short since I first cut it short two years ago. It feels so good to have it cut because it was pretty dead and I couldn't stand it. I can't wait to curl it! I love how hair feels when you first get it cut. It just feels so fluffy and healthy and soft...haha. And I like the sensation of your head feeling lighter the first time you take a shower after a haircut. Is that just me?




We got a ton of snow in the middle of the week and it got super cold, so I didn't really take many photos. These are actually from last weekend. I went ice skating for the second time in my life and it was really fun. It was my first time ice skating outdoors. It makes me nervous to go too fast and I always freak out when I lose my balance a little, but I still enjoyed it. It's like rollerblading, and I love rollerblading. I need a pair of rollerblades so that I can do that more when it's warmer out.





I keep yearning for the warmer weather and days full of hiking, bike riding, playing tennis, going to outdoor flea markets, picnicking, and just being outside. Simple things like reading a book in the park or sitting by the ocean on a bench on the beach. I love being outdoors and I love traveling and it's harder to explore in the winter when it's so cold out. I need to be somewhere where winter is pretty much nonexistent.




Dress: Jennifer Lopez//Sweater: Old Navy (thrifted)//Tights: Simply Vera by Vera Wang//Shoes: GoMax via ModCloth (similar)
This weekend is pretty jam-packed with fun. Last night I went to a friend's birthday party. It was a pajama party, but I didn't wear pajamas. I know pajamas are supposed to be warm and cozy, but I wear guy's pajama pants to bed, and they are baggy on me. I knew I'd be freezing if I went out in them, so I stuck with my fleece-lined tights, my trusty burnt orange Dear Creatures dress, and a sweater. Tonight I have another birthday party to attend, and tomorrow a few of us are going to a used bookstore. Woo! I love weekends that are full of friends and fun, but are also balanced out with some relaxation and downtime.


  1. I love your new hairstyle. It suits you.

  2. YOU are adorable. :)

  3. I think your haircut is adorable!! And your tights are awesome!

  4. your new hair looks great. I just cut my hair off too and it's so nice and so much easier to handle than super long hair. I wish the freshly cut feeling would last longer.

    Have a lovely weekend of fun!

  5. Your new hair looks lovely! ♥ When I get my hair cut, I try not to wash it for as long as I can because it never feels the same afterwards and I love that newly cut feel.

    Cute cardigan, I'm a big fan of leopard print. :)

    Abigail x

  6. Your hair looks so so cute! I'm definitely going shorter next time I have mine cut. I love having short hair. I really love your leopard print cardigan and awesome purple flats here too.

  7. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    You are so cute in these photos (as always) and your outfit so absolutely stunning! Love the leopard cardi!

    Have the best week ever,

  8. Those are the best kind of weekends indeed! I love the leopard cardi to bits! It's the perfect mix of modern and a modern day Audrey :-)

  9. I'm longing for warmer days too (especially since its -17 right now). Love this outfit, leopard is my absolute favorite print. Your style is adorable, so glad I found you! New follower via bloglovin :)
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages