Sunday, January 19, 2014

Start Wearing Purple

Purple is one of my favorite colors, and I definitely don't wear it enough. I got this dress for Christmas, and I've worn it twice so far! It's the same as my green dress that I've styled many a time, including for my Slytherin-inspired outfit. It's so comfortable and has such a flattering, classic shape to it. The green one was just a little big, so I sized down for this one and it fits perfectly!




I talked about how much I love the chartreuse/maroon color combination in my last post, but I also love the green and purple combo. It always reminds me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I love when characters have such distinct colors associated with them. It seems like Disney is big on that.




Can you tell I've been feeling particularly feline lately? Well, not really. I've just been gravitating towards my cat-inspired items recently, like these leopard print tights. I rarely wear them, so I thought it was time to break them out again. I actually transitioned this outfit into the night. Not by making it more fancy, but by making it more warm! I switched out my leopard tights for my fleece-lined grey ones and my heels for black riding boots. I also added an oatmeal cardigan for extra warmth. It was a lot warmer than this was! I love outfits that can be worked with and remixed easily. Solid colored pieces are especially easy to do that with.





I got this opal ring from Chris for Christmas last year (as in 2012) and after a month or so, the stone had come loose when I was trying to get something out of a drawer and hit the ring on it. It was also a size too big, so I had to wear it on my middle finger. Because I'm always running around and feeling like I have a million things to do, I never got around to getting it fixed and resized. My uncle is a jeweler, so I finally took it to him a couple of days before this past Christmas and now it's the right size and the stone is back in place! Hooray! :) I really love that my birthstone is opal. It's such a unique and interesting gem. It almost looks like a tiny galaxy, especially when the sun hits it!



Dress: ASOS//Tights: Apt. 9//Shoes: Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters//Scarf: Apt. 9
My four year blogiversary is coming up, and I just did a shoot for it today. I'm so excited about it! I made it a little extra special and I'm really happy with the results. I can't wait to share them with you all! You can look for it here on Thursday. :)


  1. That's a gorgeous shade of purple. I love your choices for colour combos, they are a real inspiration for me. I think the tights add a nice bit of contrast to a pattern free outfit. A little pop of pattern rather than colour.

    4 years?! wow, congrats!
    I'm excited for the shoot!

  2. This color is beautiful on you. I am also in love with this location. But what's new? Where do you live again? It looks stunning. And four years? JEEZ. That's huge!

  3. Purple is my favorite color, so I wear it pretty often! You look great in purple! You should wear it more! :)

  4. That dress is such a lovely color and those tights are amazing on you. So enjoyed that shot of them! Wow!

  5. Purple is one of my favorite colors too, but for some reason I don't own a lot of it. This is definitely inspiring me to change that! And I just adore how it looks with this color of scarf. You always have the best color combinations!