Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trying To Stay Warm

I wore this outfit to a friend's party on Friday night. I wanted to wear a dress, but still stay as warm and comfy as possible. I opted for my fleece-lined tights and a nice knit cardigan, along with my burnt orange Dear Creatures dress and waterproof boots. It's hard to want to dress up in the winter and sometimes the cold does stop me from doing it, but I've been pretty good about it. There are definitely more days during the winter where I'm like, NOPE. No cute outfit photos today. I start running out of ideas for outfits that are both cute and practical. It's not so bad when you're going somewhere where you will just be indoors. It's when I know I'll be outside that it's harder to justify wearing something I know I'll freeze in.





I usually settle for jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and a sweater. That is pretty much my uniform for the winter when I'm not dressed up. And then on top of that, I wear my waterproof riding boots, my down coat, and my thickest and warmest scarf. Sometimes I add gloves, and I am still always freezing. I don't know how people do it in places like Alaska and Russia. And I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about the weather, but winter is so boring, you guys. Ugh.





I wish I could hibernate in the winter with all of the people I'd want to see so that no one has to leave and go out into the cold. And we would all just hang out and watch movies, cook food, bake desserts, read books, and live in blankets. Sounds nice, right? Who am I kidding? I'd get cabin fever after two days. Even when it's bitterly cold out, I still get antsy if I'm cooped up for too long.




Dress: Dear Creatures via Ruche (similar)//Sweater: H&M//Tights: George//Boots: Rockport (thrifted)//Belt: Forever 21
I am joyous that January is almost over and February is a short month that leads to a little bit warmer March. The first day of spring is March 20th, so we are almost halfway through the winter! Hooray! Stay warm all my polar vortex friends.


  1. PRETTY, the color of the dress, I love :)


  2. I am still enjoying hearing about the weather. I've yet to see any snow this year. I'm sure I keep going on about my lack of snow haha.
    My winter uniform is pretty similar, jeans and jumpers. but I recently invested in some good wooly tights so maybe I'll dress up a little more.

    Still love that dress on you!

    ~ K

  3. such a great shade of orange. love burnt warm colours<3

  4. That dress is so pretty! It's such a lovely shade of orange!

  5. I love this dress - the color is gorgeous!


  6. Love the colors in this post! Alex