Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lemon Lime

You's been in the 40s lately. Hooray for a break from the frigid temperatures! Unfortunately, it's also been rainy so I wasn't able to really go outside and enjoy the warmer temps, but it's supposed to stay this warm for a few days. I'm hoping to get a good dose of the outdoors this weekend. Maybe all of the snow that has piled up so much that there are parking bans in certain areas will finally melt and go away. Away, snow! I banish thee!



Speaking of snow, I recently saw Frozen and I loved it. I love the classic Disney look better than the newer 3D look that they do now, but it's still Disney and it's still a great story. I think my favorite thing about the movie was that the songs were more like a stage/theater musical than a movie. It was so amazing! The lyrics were sometimes dialogue and that was cool. I also loved the characters. Anna was definitely my favorite, and I loved Kristoff too. It was just so good. Disney is awesome! I liked how The Princess and The Frog looked more like the older Disney movies, though. It was cool to see them go back to their animation roots, sort of. I don't think Frozen would've looked right if it wasn't 3D, though.



Another movie I recently watched is Her, and man was that a weird one. There were definitely some awkward and um... risque? moments. There was one scene in particular that was just downright disturbing and off-putting. Other than that, it was pretty interesting. It just seems a little creepy and weird that computer systems that advanced could be very possible in our future. I liked Frozen more. It was more fun, touching, and lighthearted.



Have any of you been watching the Olympics? I don't normally care about sports stuff, but it's hard not to watch at least a little of a big event like the Olympics. It's bigger than the Super Bowl! I think that the Winter Olympics are way more interesting and fun to watch than the Summer Olympics. Curling is just so entertaining and silly to watch, and I love watching figure skating. It's amazing how they can twirl and jump and land on those tiny skates the way they do! And all on ice. I would be so terrified of falling. Even the snowboarders are amazing to watch, the way they twist and flip in the air and then are able to land on such an angle. It's all so mesmerizing!


Dress: ASOS//Sweater: BDG//Tights:Hanes//Scarf: Vintage//Boots: American Eagle
I went to a retail sale the other day, which means that a bunch of brand name clothes are brought to a big warehouse, put in cardboard boxes, and sold for cheap. I got a bunch of new things, including the sweater and boots in this outfit. I had been wanting a mustard cardigan for a while now. The yellow one I have is too thick and chunky for dressy outfits. When I saw this one, I snatched it up quick, along with a coral cardigan that is similar to this one. I also got a few belts and a mint blouse. I love these boots, though. I was in need of black boots that were this height and flat. Plus, they can also be transformed into booties, I realized. The sides can fold down and there are snaps to keep them in place! They have that fuzzy shearling material on the inside too, so that shows when the boots are folded down. It's like two boots in one!



I saw this scarf at a local vintage store and knew I had to have it immediately. A Florida-themed novelty print scarf? Yes, please. And it was only $8! I love everything about it. The colors, the fact that it's a map, the fact that it has a border of oranges. It's definitely going to be coming to Florida with me. It will be perfect to wear to the orange orchard! I have a few outfits planned for Florida, but not all of them. Ugh, I can't wait to get away from this cold! It's not too far off, now! :) I should probably stop buying clothes and save some spending money for when I go...


  1. That dress is so gorgeous! And I absolutely love that scarf - such a great find!