Friday, February 7, 2014

The Love of the Blog

I've been thinking a lot about blogging and the blogging world lately. I keep wondering what exactly makes a successful blog and what makes some bloggers stand out more than others. Great pictures? Consistently creative and on-point outfits? Publicity/marketing? I'm not sure if this is true, but maybe when all the "big" bloggers started, the fashion blogging world wasn't as saturated. I know that I didn't discover fashion blogging until after blogs like Selective Potential, Delightfully Tacky, and The Clothes Horse were already on the scene for at least a couple of years. And now a few years later, it seems that there are a ton more bloggers than before and it's harder to make a name for yourself, so to speak.




I feel very awkward writing this because I don't want to come off as ungrateful or that I'm only in this blogging deal for stupid things like fame and fortune. Would I love to be one of those bloggers who gets tons of free clothes and travel opportunities and possibly be able to blog for a living? Of course. Who wouldn't? But it's because I love it that I do it and want the best for it. I love writing and putting together outfits and taking pictures. I love traveling and discovering new destinations to explore and for photoshoots. I love working with other bloggers and brands that I truly admire and support. It's a great community, and I love being a part of it and will always want to be more and more a part of it.





I wouldn't use the terms jealous or envious, but I think sometimes I have feelings of longing or desire when I see the opportunities that other bloggers have had. I think it's so amazing to see bloggers get the recognition they deserve and it's really inspiring. But I can't be alone in thinking "when can that be me?". And it's not a matter of self pity or greed, it's more-so a feeling that inspires drive and ambition. It's like watching the super toned people in a workout video and seeing the results you will get once you are done. It drives you to be better and do something good for yourself. The success of my fellow bloggers does that for me. I see all of the hard work and dedication that bloggers like Tieka and Elizabeth have put into their blogs, and it is amazing. They have seen such awesome rewards for their talent, impeccable style, and ability to inspire others. Plus, they are just amazing girls! I strive to make my blog better because it makes me happy and seeing others do the same and get amazing results from it encourages and inspires me to achieve the goals I have.




I have been blogging for four years and I still haven't completely mastered the art of self promotion, marketing, and all the crazy SEO and traffic-driving methods there are out there. All I know is that I love sharing my thoughts and outfits and my life in general with you all, and I will keep bettering this blog and, in turn, bettering myself through it because I love it. This is my court, my field, my canvas, my instrument, my stage, my blank page. Where it will take me is unknown, but all the things it gives to me and means to me is priceless.



Dress: ASOS//Sweater: Forever 21//Tights: Urban Outfitters//Socks: Apt. 9//Boots: Madden Girl//Belt: Forever 21//Necklace: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
You may not know this, but when I was 19 I got a tattoo on my wrist that simply says "passion". It was to remind myself to always do things that my heart is completely into. Blogging is 100% something that my heart is in. I love all aspects of running my blog, and I love being able to share in the lives of so many amazing people. I've gained so many new friends and I can't wait to make more. When you have a passion, take it and run with it and fuel it. And if your heart isn't into something, let it go and discover something new. I'm so glad I discovered this little niche and I feel like it was one of those things that I was meant to discover and be a part of. Ever come across something and think "This is so completely me"? For me, this was one of those things and I will continue to work on it for as long as I have this passion for it.


  1. Blogging is just a lot of fun, but also tons of work. I enjoy it and that's why I do it. I like the community! I think everyone wants to strive to be better. If seeing those "successful" bloggers makes you want to be better, I think that bit of envy is a good thing! As long as it doesn't interfere with your blog being a true representation of you! I never would think that'd happen to you anyway. You have a wonderful blog and it's growing because you have great content. Content is key!

    As for this outfit, you look so pretty and cozy in that cardigan. I really love the color of your dress and your necklace too. Such a wintry and cute look!

  2. What an honest account. I totally know what you mean it's only natural to get blog envy- i do and you go...why? You blog is wonderful, thoughtful, creative and beautiful! hang in there i'm sure something will come along soon! xxxx

  3. Well said, Sara! I am always finding people who put down bloggers for taking on opportunities with brands and marketing, but really- it's all part of a business. Like any business, blogging should be run with creative ingenuity, alongside maintaining good marketing techniques, collaborations, etc. And there is definitely nothing wrong with having goals! I think all bloggers have longing for this- just like athletes long for the Olympics ( that must be on my mind right now- haha).


    1. Agreed! There is definitely a businessy aspect to the blogging world, and it shouldn't be frowned upon to embrace that and be a part of amazing opportunities, as long as you aren't working with brands that you don't agree with or don't actually like. I think the collaborations should be genuine, and I feel like all the bloggers who work with brands only do so because they believe in the brand and fully support it, and that's an amazing thing!

  4. Beautifully said and something that's definitelt been on my mind for a few years now, too. It can be frustrating to have been blogging for four years (I have too!) and have a fraction of the followers that some bloggers do who have been blogging for much less of a time. I think doing the best you can do with your blog and how you can improve it individually versus what you can do to make it more like others is the solution. You have a beautiful blog that is just your own, and that in itself is a beautiful thing! x

    Keep blogging beautiful lady.

    1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about being around a long time and not having as many followers as other bloggers who have been around a shorter amount of time. It makes you wonder what the secret is! haha. And thank you so much for the kind words. <3

  5. Just keep it up! You have a great blog! You outfits are wonderful! You will break through that wall! :) ---- Deb, Cincinnati OH

  6. I feel the same way a lot and have a hard time not comparing myself to my other blogger friends when they get asked to do things with brands and I don't. Just gotta keep plugging away for the love of it.

  7. I get the same feelings of wondering what the secret is to blogging! And I do think that timing has a lot to do with it. It's not as easy when you're late to the game. But blogging is definitely something I love and am passionate about---I hope it's a part of my life for some time to come!

  8. I have these same thoughts about blogging as well. I mean, I've still been doing it for less than a year, but in a few months it seems some people have countless followers. I'm like, how on earth do they do that?!

    I really enjoy blogging and have been having a lot of fun so far. Do I wish for opportunities to come knocking? Of course, but I'm going to continue anyway because it's fun :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  9. I think it's only natural that we have these thoughts. Any time we do things that others also do, it's normal to look at how others do it too and then compare. Not comparing in a negative way but comparing, what do they do, what do I do, what's different. I look to other blogs to guide my own with regard to different aesthetics and tips for altering things. If I don't like the way another blog does something I won't do that regardless of how famous they are.

    I blog because it's fun, because I like the freedom and the space to breath away from the real world. I prefer a blog that is true to the person and I believe that your blog gives a great account of that and that's why I enjoy following along.

    It would be lovely to do it full time but I guess it's not feasible right now. It's just a very fun hobby :)