Sunday, March 9, 2014


Sorry about the delay! I would've posted sooner, but the upload speed here sucks and Flickr also sucks so I literally had to upload these pictures one at a time, which took about 2-3 days since we are mostly out and about here. Anywho...on to the good stuff!




Tuesday we spent the day at Disney's Epcot theme park, and of course I had to dress up in a Minnie Mouse inspired outfit, ears and all. I actually got my Minnie ears for $1 at an outdoor flea market about 4 years ago. A lucky find! Anyway...Epcot ranks second in my list of Disney parks (Magic Kingdom is obviously number 1), mostly because I love the World Showcase and I love science/outer space. This is definitely more of the educational and nerdy of the Disney parks. It doesn't feature a lot of movie-themed rides. It is mostly about innovation, growth, progress, culture, and the "future" of our world. I put future in parentheses because I feel that we are now in the future that they had talked about back when Disney first opened.






We started the day off in Future World since that's the first part of the park after you enter. We went on some rides and walked around a bit. Disney does the FastPass differently now. You have to get in line and pick 3 attractions that you want to get a FastPass for and then that's all you get for the whole day. Before you used to be able to get a FastPass for any ride at any point during the day as many times as you wanted (as long as you waited past a certain time). It's first come, first serve so we only got 1 of the 3 attractions that we wanted a FastPass for. One of the alternatives we got was to meet Mickey and Minnie, so we did that pretty quickly. Mickey kissed my hand and it was adorable.






We went on the Finding Nemo ride, which is not too exciting, but still cute. You climb aboard a moving clamshell and go through the basic story of Finding Nemo. It's the same concept that Disney does for most of their movie-themed rides. When you get off the ride, you go into an area that has a few interactive things and they also have a small aquarium with sea creatures from the movie.







Epcot is currently having their Flower and Garden Festival, but we were a day early to really enjoy all the special attractions that they have for it. It was kind of a bummer, but there were still some things around the park such as sculpted shrubbery and flowers that were made into Disney characters.






After we got through Future World, we headed to the World Showcase where you walk through a variety of areas that are based on all kinds of different countries. Some of the countries represented are Germany, Italy, France, Norway, China, Japan, and England. It's like traveling the world in a day, in a sense! I like England because there's a little tea shop and I like France because it's the closest I will get to the Eiffel Tower for now...haha.








I wanted to meet Aladdin and Jasmine in Morocco, but the line was taking forever so we decided to just leave and keep on going. Elsa and Anna from Frozen were in Norway, but the line was so ridiculous that we didn't even try it. We would've been waiting there for an hour or more. I was slightly disappointed, but I did get a glimpse of both of the pairs, so there was that. I also love the buildings in China and Japan. They are so awesome and pretty looking!








After the World Showcase, we headed back to Future World and did a couple more rides that we skipped the first time because of long wait times. My mom and I went on Mission Space, which is a simulation type ride where you get launched on a space shuttle to make a trip to Mars. It's really cool the way they make it feel like you're actually in the shuttle. Each shuttle has 4 people and each person is given a position. This time I was the engineer.






We also went on Spaceship Earth, which is the ride that's in the giant Epcot ball. It takes you through time and history of how humans adapted and progressed through time. It's pretty interesting to go through and at the end there's a fun little quiz and cartoon where you answer questions and then they show you what your future would look like.


Bodysuit: Forever 21//Skirt: Forever 21//Shoes: Payless//Ring: Disney World//Ears: Thrifted//Lipstick: Flirt!
Once we had seen and done everything we wanted to see, we left the park and had dinner at a local hibachi place. It is the best hibachi I've ever had and I love it. Hibachi restaurants are one of my favorite places to go out to eat. We were going to go back to Epcot at night to see their Illuminations show, but it ended up down-pouring so we didn't get to go back. Other than that, it was a good Disney-filled day! :)


  1. Wow, it looks like such an amazing place. We don't have any Disney parks in my country, so it's always exciting to see other people's posts from around the world of their visits so I can get a glimpse of what it is like. This place looks amazing, and I definitely love the idea of the cultural/scientific aspect about it. You look just adorable by the way, the cutest Disney outfit I've ever seen. Glad you all had a good time!

  2. I love the themed outfit you wore!! I just went to Epcot in January, right before they started the Fastpass+ system, and I don't think I like the new system very much! But Epcot was a blast, I love the detail that they put into each different part of the world!

  3. Aw I want to go back to Epcot! I went when I was in 8th grade so it's been a while. I think I'd like it even more now than I did then. Thanks for sharing these great pictures! Plus you looked super adorable walking around there in your polka dot top.

  4. I love these pictures - you look so adorable! Epcot is so amazing and wonderful - I really miss Disney World.


  5. Wow, it looks great. Those garden sculptures are amazing!

    ~ K

  6. Dude, Flickr is really sucking. I read that it's stopped working for Chrome, and it worked last night when I used Safari. How annoying. Anyway, these photos are adorable and I am green with envy! I love all the flowers, and you look as cute as a button!

    xox Sammi

  7. Your photos are gorgeous! I totally would've wanted to meet Jasmine (my favorite!) & Aladdin too- it's so random they were in "Morocco", shouldn't they be in Arabia? ;)