Friday, March 21, 2014

Plugged In

Ever think about how much time you spend on the computer and realize how insane it is? Most of my life is online. Between school, work, blogging, and personal time (online shopping, reading other blogs, Facebook, etc.), it seems like I'm on the computer more than I'm not. I feel like this is true for more and more people nowadays. If I had to go without my laptop, I would probably lose it. Is that sad? Maybe a little. But the Internet can be a wonderful thing, despite all the nasty things you can find on it. I mean, I use it for my education and to connect to all of you lovely people! And even though I love my daily dose of technology, I still enjoy unplugging for a bit to go outside and explore and to get out. Technology is awesome, but I still love me some sunshine and fresh air!




I admit that it's hard for me to get offline. I'm always on the computer before bed, which I've read isn't good to do. It keeps your mind awake and makes it harder to fall asleep. Maybe that's why I'm up til 2 in the morning all the time? Who knows. But I am always feeling like there are more things I have to check or do on my computer each time I think about getting off of it.




Everyone has their routines of what they check when they get up in the morning and what they check before bed. I always check my 2,347,903,280 e-mail accounts, Facebook, Blogger, etc. But then I'll see something on Yahoo News (they ALWAYS suck you in!) or I will get caught up taking 20 Buzzfeed quizzes (why?!) or I will discover a new online shop and then have to go through every page of dresses to see if there's anything good. When does it end? Well...for me it's when my eyes feel like they are going to fall out if I don't go to sleep.




Have you ever decided to get off the computer, only to get on your phone immediately after? It can't just be me who seems to be addicted to all this stuff. Sometimes I will get off the computer and then be like...I wonder what's going on on Instagram. And then I play Words With Friends. How crazy is that? I guess not so crazy nowadays when everyone is also always on their phones or laptops or tablets. Oh, us crazy kids and our Interwebz...


Dress: Ruche//Sweater: Old Navy//Belt: Retail sale//Tights: Unknown//Shoes: ModCloth (similar)//Necklace: Gift
Anyway...I've been really into different color combinations lately, especially with brighter colors that you don't normally see together. I really like the peachy pink and purple combo. I went to my cousin's baby shower last weekend and I wore a variation of this outfit. I had worn a different, more bubblegum pink dress, but I like this shade better. I'm making a goal for the season and in general to challenge myself more with color combos and to try to get a little more crazy and creative with it. I'm a firm believer in the idea that most colors can be worn together and look good. The idea of clashing is just myth to me. ;)


  1. Yes I feel the same way. I'm always on my laptop especially cause of school and blogging!! Its crazy how much time it takes up. Probably need to cut down my time, haha :)

  2. It's definitely something we're all guilty of I think, we live our lives through the internet and it's hard to take a break and focus on reality sometimes!

    Whenever we go on holiday we always give ourselves a technology ban and it's so lovely! When we were in Greece for a week last year we went a whole week with no twitter, Facebook, blogs and it was really refreshing x

  3. This combination of peach and purple is gorgeous. I just love that dress! I'm right there with you with the being online most of the day thing. At work I'm online the entire time pretty much, then I get home and have to check all my personal stuff. I enjoy it though. This weekend I got outside for a little while and it was wonderful. It's just good to find some sort of personal balance. I feel you about getting off the computer and then getting right on your phone. I think that's me every night! haha

  4. Before I met my bf I didn't spend half as much time on the internet. Since meeting him, well I guess we are terrible. He's a computer/internet guy and I just got into using the web and my computer all the time. Before going to uni I never even had a laptop...

    I should get off the computer more often and read my book but there is so much on here that keeps me on it for hours haha.

    I love that necklace!

  5. Honestly, that's what has been so hard for me lately! Between working on a computer all day, moving, dealing with two dogs on my own, and wanting to explore, I don't have time to be on the computer. But I kind of miss it! For so long I was on the computer more often than not, and it's hard to get out of it. I think bloggers really have it worse - we are basically required to spend a lot of time on the computer.

    Anyhow love the dress! You look so good in coral colors like this one. And those shoes! Adorable

  6. Orange and charcoal are so pretty together! Love these shots <3 Alex

  7. Beautiful outfit! I love the texture of the dress! For me, the way I control my internet use is only having internet on my computer. I don't like to turn it on (sheer laziness!) so I'm not going to go through the trouble of turning it on when I have nothing to do on the internet--I only turn it on when I have a purpose!

  8. THis is an adorable color combo. I do the computer in bed thing too, and agree, I probably sleep better on the nights I end with a book instead.

  9. I really love your style!