Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quick Pics

April has been both stressful and exciting. It's stressful to try to juggle all the things that I have going on and it has definitely meant less time for things like taking pictures and doing blog stuff, but you gotta do what you gotta so. On the other hand, keeping busy is nice sometimes and I'm learning a lot of different things, which is awesome. And since I only get the weekends off now, I try to make the best of them and go outdoors since the weather has been so nice. At the beginning of the month, I went to a vintage show and scored a few great deals!



I started spending time by the beach again now that it's warmer out. I like to go to the beach in the winter sometimes too just because no one is there and it's pretty peaceful, but it's just so cold and I can't stand it for too long. Nadia took this cute picture of Chris and I when the three of us went a couple of weeks ago!




I baked some cupcakes for Easter and dyed Easter eggs. For some reason, I am the designated egg-dyer. I like it, it's just that some of the colors take forever and I get annoyed with it. We used to always use the white crayon, but I started just writing with Sharpie because it's so much easier and comes out neater.



So last Friday was French Fry Friday. You're probably saying to yourself, 'what the heck is French Fry Friday?'. French Fry Friday is a holiday that Chris and I made up 4 years ago. Somehow, we got this idea that we should get french fries from all the local fast food restaurants and then pool them all together and eat them all at once. We decided that it should be a special day and that it of course had to be a Friday since Fry is in the name. When we first decided to do it, it was the 4th Friday in April, so now every year the 4th Friday in April is French Fry Friday! At first it was just McDonald's, Wendy's, KFC, and Burger King. Now we have expanded it to include Five Guys and the diner. I kind of feel like dying afterwards, but it's worth it. I rarely have french fries since I try to stay away from fried foods, so this day is a real treat for me. Plus I love that Chris and I created a tradition together and have stuck to it for 4 years, now. And some of our friends now get in on it too! :)


Last weekend I spent some more time by the beach, as well as went to a local music store to play with some instruments. I always wished I could play drums and I did start to learn once, but I didn't have a set to practice on. They are loud and take up space, so my dad had never let me get one. Oh well. I think the next thing I'd want to learn is banjo. I sort of gravitate to string instruments.




It's been pretty chilly these last few days of April, so I'm hoping that May finally brings consistent warmth. I don't have much planned for May yet, except seeing The Aquabats and doing stuff for my mom's and niece's birthdays and Mother's Day. My mom's birthday is always around Mother's Day, so she always gets double the gifts and special treatment. I still have to get her presents! I'll also be making her cake, and I've already decided how I'm going to decorate it! Now I just need to hope it comes out the way I imagine it...haha.


  1. pretty :)

  2. French Fry Friday sounds like the best holiday in all the land! I would totally celebrate that! I feel like I already probably eat too many french fries for my own good though...