Friday, June 6, 2014


Sunflowers are my favorite flower. I hope to one day have a little field of them of my own. I think I'm going to need a decent amount of land whenever I end up getting a house someday if I want to have fruit trees and plants as well as flowers. Anyway, I couldn't resist this crop top when I saw it months ago.

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I love when places have cats and this flower nursery/park had a resident kitty. He or she was super friendly and cute. I know that cat cafes are becoming a thing now, which I think is really awesome. I'd love to experience one! There are also some libraries that keep cats as pets. I often wonder what happens if someone is allergic and can't go to the library, though. I wonder if that ever becomes an issue.

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orange cat, orange tabby, orange tabby cat, shorthaired cat, pets

orange cat, orange tabby, orange tabby cat, shorthaired cat, pets

orange cat, orange tabby, orange tabby cat, shorthaired cat, pets

orange cat, orange tabby, orange tabby cat, shorthaired cat, pets

I've come to accept the fact that I won't have my own cat until later in life. I don't think I've officially announced this yet, but I am moving out for basically the first time ever this summer. I went away to college my freshman year, but I came home on the weekends. This will be the first time I permanently leave.







I am going to be living with my cousin Ashley. We found a place that we love, and as long as our credit checks clear (which I'm sure they will), it will officially be ours. I'm still nervous that my heart will be broken and we will have to keep looking, but I'm sure everything will work out. I'm both super excited and kind of nervous, but mostly excited.






Anyway...she already has two cats and a dog, so I don't think bringing in another kitten would be a good thing to do, especially since we are renting. So I will have to wait a few more years until I can get my own little cat to love. For now, I will love everyone else's and live vicariously through them. I still have my Tiara. :) She won't be coming with me, but she will only be a short drive away.





Top: Forever 21//Skirt: Forever 21//Shoes: Payless//Jacket: H&M//Lipstick: LORAC Cosmetics
Prepare to hear more about my apartment adventures because I'm sure there will be a lot of them. I might try to sell some stuff, so there might be a temporary shop announcement at some point. I'm also going to be hunting for some cheap furniture, specifically a bed frame, and I might also be doing a lot of DIY and decorating stuff. That's the stuff I'm really excited for. I can't wait to have a room of my own to start from scratch with.






I wish I could paint the walls, but since I would probably just have to paint them back whenever we leave I will probably stick with some sort of wall decal to decorate with. I am conflicted with colors and themes at the moment. All of this stuff is very new and can be overwhelming, so I have to try to take everything one step at a time. It's hard, though, when you're a big planner like I am. It can't hurt to be a little prepared, though and have some basic ideas! Plus, it's just fun to think about! :)


  1. That first photo is so perfect! A pretty outfit and love the greenhouse backdrop too!

  2. Aaaaw, well isn't it nice to at least have a place where there's a cat you know you can pet? ;) You took some lovely pictures of that little kitty. Your outfit is absolutely darling--I love everything about it--especially that flouncy skirt!

  3. I love this outfit! The skirt is especially gorgeous! What a lovely place to take photos for an outfit post! The cat certainly seemed to enjoy all of the love and attention it was getting! Good luck with moving out! xx

  4. Ahh this outfit is so lovely on you. I adore sunflowers, too. And eeee that little kitty! I love orange kitties (and calicos, obviously) best. I want to experience a cat cafe too! And I can't wait to hear about your new living sitch!

    xox Sammi

  5. Great skirt! And what a pretty kitty!


  6. Oooh!! Congrats on moving out!! I'm moving out in September, and I'm super excited, too! Decorating is so much fun to daydream about! <3

    And you look so cute!! Crop tops with skirts are totally in right now and you are rocking that look!

    I totes miss you and wish we could get together again this summer. Hannah texted me about a Pittsburgh meet-up again this year but I have so much going on this summer already there's no way I could fit in a trip to the East again. :(

  7. These photos are gorgeous, what a great location! Love this outfit too, the skirt with that top is so feminine and sweet!


  8. Beautiful photos! I love that skirt. & That kitty is too precious. I know exactly what you mean about the planning.. moving is full of tons of anxieties, for sure, but what an exciting new adventure c: Best of luck!

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