Monday, June 30, 2014

Quick Pics

I know I keep saying that each month is chock full of crazy, but June has really been the craziest month by far. I signed my very first lease, making it official that I will be moving out next month (2 weeks! ahhh!). So I've been trying to pack up my life and move it to the apartment, which is a very annoying process. I have a lot of clothing I'd like to sell, so I will be doing some sort of shop announcement in the near future!

Other than that huge step and the stress that trying to focus on too many things brings, June has been pretty nice. I try to relax and do things I enjoy in the downtime I get. I got to lay and read in the sun and go swimming the other day, which is always relaxing. I wore my new bathing suit that I got from Figleaves for the first time. I love it! I also went to the beach for the first time this season as well.

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I went to a renaissance faire this month, which I haven't gotten around to posting about yet. I'm so behind with posts, gahhh! But I got to drink out of a pineapple, which was sort of a life goal of mine. I once drank fresh coconut milk out of a coconut (it was disgusting), but I wanted to drink out of a pineapple. They had strawberry or pina colada smoothies to pick from, so I picked the pina colada. It just seemed to fit more with the pineapple. I wore my flower crown too since it was a springtime faire.

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I went strawberry picking this month at the beginning of the season. I think the season isn't really that long because I think it's almost over now after only a couple of weeks. I thought about baking something with them, but I ended up just snacking on them instead. I also went to my favorite used book store a week or so ago and got a bunch of books, including an awesome Harry Potter one.

strawberries, strawberry picking, fresh strawberries

hpbook, science of harry potter, harry potter, book

In cleaning out my things to get ready to move, I finally got all my gaming consoles down from the attic. Chris and I ended up taking them to his place to play there. We started off with Rock Band because I was dying to play it since it's been forever. I only play the drums, though, because I just don't like the guitar on it. Now we are on a Super Mario 64 kick, though. We take turns getting the stars. I think we have 50-something now.

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Chris's birthday was the other day, so we had a party on Saturday night and I made a cake. It was a chocolate and peanut butter Reese's cake and everyone loved it! It took a while to decorate, but it was worth it. I got him a few things, but one of the things I gave him was this canvas print that I made by transferring a photo to it. I followed a simple DIY tutorial online and it was really easy to do! The tutorial said the print would come out imperfect, which mine sort of did in some spots, but I don't mind it. It gives it some personality. I'll be posting some tutorials here at a later date for both the canvas art and the cake.

reesescake, reeses, reeses cake, chocolate cake, chocolate and peanut butter cake, peanut butter frosting, reeses cups

Yesterday I had the most relaxing day just laying in the sun by Chris's pool. A few of our friends came to hang out for his birthday since his mom wanted to have cake with the family. We pretty much just swam and laid out all afternoon, and ate burgers, hot dogs, and chips. It felt good to de-stress for a bit. Sometimes you need days like that to keep yourself in balance.


  1. That cake looks so amazing. Id love if you posted or emailed me the recipe for it! Also moving can be so crazy its nice that you have found the time to relax in between packing!

  2. Congrats on the new place! That's so exciting! And it seems like everything has been crazy in a good way, but hopefully you get more time to relax soon :)

  3. Cute photos! I love your floral headband! You look adorable!


  4. GIRL THAT CAKE LOOKS AMAZING. I saw it pop up on your Flickr along with the Mario and it made me extremely happy. I'm actually making a birthday cake today with Reeses, but it's going to be a cookie cake. Also I love that drinking out of a pineapple is one of your goals. Sounds like a good month so far!

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  6. THAT CAKE. Just wow. That looks seriously intense. I just got Super Paper Mario as a gift from my husband for our anniversary, so I'm back into collecting stars too. Never gets old. :)

  7. That is an intense looking cake (and drink, now that I think of it).

  8. Aww i love the way you curl your hair! And congrats on the new apartment, that's so exciting. I absolutely HATE packing though. I always go on insane purge when moving because I don't get why I own so much crap haha. ANd yay for new swim suits :)

    xo marlen
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  9. I still need to get my beach fix in this summer and I thnk I need a slice of that cake!