Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quick Pics

July started out with 4th of July celebrations. A friend of mine had an annual pig roast and Chris and I made bacon macaroni and cheese for it!


The second week of the month was move-in time, so I had to get serious about packing all of my clothes and moving all of it, plus all my furniture into my new apartment. It sucked to do, but it felt so good once it was done. Afterwards, I spent about 5 days unpacking everything and putting things away. It's finally mostly done with the exception of a couple of boxes. I also have boxes of stuff I want to sell at a tag sale that I have no idea where to put. Chris helped me a lot with putting things away and putting things together. He even wore safety goggles to put together this very dangerous trashcan for my room.



One of the many perks of living in my own place with my cousin is that her cat loves me and always spends time with me. She loves to cuddle. I can't even sit on my bed without her jumping up and wanting to get in my lap or lay on me. She also loves to lay on things. Any sort of things will do such as a laptop, a laptop case, or a purse.





I've been re-reading Harry Potter lately (Happy Birthday to him today, by the way!). I skip the first two books (don't judge) because I don't think it gets really good until the third one. That's the one I started on. I'm on Goblet of Fire now. I plan to watch the movie once I'm done with the book so I can geek out and compare the two. If I could have my own Harry Potter book/movie club, I would but none of my friends would be They like Harry Potter, but I don't think they'd want to do a book club. I'd like to host a book club in general, even if it's not Harry Potter. Perhaps I'll have to make it happen at the library, though I'd really like to do it at my place with tea and tasty desserts...or mimosas and brunch.

I went to a nautical themed festival this month, which I posted about a couple of posts ago. It wasn't that great, but at least I had a good reason to wear my Hell Bunny sailor dress.



This month I also went blueberry picking, which I will post about at a later date. I made blueberry crisp with them, which I will also post about later on. It came out great! I had friends over one night and we made homemade crunchwraps for dinner, which means that I got to keep the leftovers and make taco salad for lunch. :)




Other than all of this, I've just been enjoying my new place and hanging out with friends when I can. I've started riding my bike again. Well, Chris and I went out once so far for a night bike ride to the beach. It was really nice, but also somewhat of a struggle on the hills. I'm definitely not used to it. I don't think I've ridden a bike in about 4 years, and I'm pretty ashamed of it...especially since I really love my bike. I definitely need to keep at using it. It's great exercise that's also fun and enjoyable.


  1. Awe what a cute cat!

  2. haha safety goggles for that "dangerous trashcan" is totally something my guy would do too : ). your kitty is too cute & glad to hear you're settling into your new place well! Bike riding is def something to get used to, I rarely rode mine during HS and then in college used it just for short bike rides to class til the last few years and after when I never had a car & rode everywhere. Now with our move to a new state I only biked for the first time last week and my legs were totally feeling it up some hills too! It's a great feeling though after : ).