Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blueberry Romp

The second thing to pick in the summer after the strawberries is blueberries! They aren't particularly my favorite, but I do enjoy them and I love baking with them. They are actually Chris's favorite fruit/berry, though. He can't wait for blueberry season each year. There's really nothing like fresh blueberries. They are so much plumper and tastier than the store-bought ones.





Blueberries are probably one of the easiest fruits to pick. The bushes are tall enough where you don't have to bend down like strawberries, but not high enough where you have to reach up like the tree fruits (though apple trees don't tend to grow that tall, but orange ones do!). Blueberries come right off the branches, though. It's easy to tell which ones are ready to pick because of how easily they come off. Raspberries are just as easy, and those should be starting soon. I can't wait because those are one of my favorites, at least to eat. Apples will always be my favorite thing to pick just because of the season and festiveness that surrounds apple picking.




I decided to keep it simple and just wear a romper to go picking in. Sometimes you do have to get low to the ground and squat, and it's easier to do that in something where you know your butt won't be showing. Plus, the romper is blue to match the berries! I also wanted to wear this lip color again because I love how bright and vibrant it is. It's great for summer, and it ended up matching pretty well with the reddish flowers in the print of my romper.




It was hard to decide what to bake with the blueberries because I had a lot of blueberry recipes that sounded really good. I ended up deciding on a blueberry crisp since it's pretty simple and delicious. I love fruit crisps and I've really only ever had apple and raspberry, so I figured it was time to try blueberry.



I picked way too many strawberries last time, so I budgeted how many blueberries I picked this time. I ended up wishing I had picked more so that I had some leftover to either snack on or bake something else with. Crisp is good, but it doesn't last very long since it doesn't make a whole lot...or maybe I just like big portions.

Romper: Forever 21//Shoes: Payless//Lipstick: Cargo Cosmetics
I'm all done with the summer semester, thankfully. I didn't really like my classes and they were pretty overwhelming, especially with everything I had going on. I'm glad that they are finally over. I'm actually looking forward to my fall classes because one of them I get to read fiction books. We're supposed to read 2-3 a week (it's a class on children/YA literature so they are short books), and I am beyond excited. I haven't gotten to read fiction for a class in years...not since my undergrad! I feel like Hermione with my level of excitement for school stuff. I might start my reading early, just as she would. ;)


  1. Oh, you are cute as a button! I love this for picking blueberries too. Fits.

    Oh, I really did enjoy my children's lit class back in college too. What are you majoring in?

  2. My favourite thing to do with them is blueberry crumble. My mother in law once baked us blueberry crumble for breakfast and it was one of the best things I've ever eaten. No attempt has ever come close. You look amazing in that romper, it just goes so well with the blueberries themselves and looks totally comfy.

  3. Ooo a children's and YA lit class sounds really interesting! I hope it is!
    Also I think a romper is a perfect choice for berry picking. Anything that makes sure your butt isn't flashing people is a good choice for outdoor activities like that, I think! I love the little yellow shoes you paired with it too.

    Jamie |

  4. You look beautiful! This is the perfect summer setting/outfit.

  5. That is the perfect blueberry picking outfit and you are as cute as it gets. I love how the yellow shoes contrast with the blue. Also, your lipstick! Love love love it. Makes me want to go blueberry picking.

  6. Such an adorable summer outing and outfit <3