Friday, August 29, 2014

Newport, RI

At the beginning of the month, I had a rare weekday off so I decided it would be a great opportunity to take a day trip with Chris! I have been wanting to go to Newport for a while, now, and we finally got to go. It is such a nautical place, so I loved it. I mean, it was like a super nautical deluxe (with cheese) town with all the works such as nautical themed shops, a seaside walking trail, sailboats, and lighthouses. I wish we had gotten there earlier than we did, but I had wanted to sleep in a bit since I don't get to often. Regardless, we still had a good day and we got to see some pretty cool stuff!

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We walked around the shopping areas for a bit and did a little window shopping. Everything was pretty pricey, so I didn't end up getting anything like I wanted to. After we walked around that area, we took a drive down the Scenic Ocean Drive. This road was literally right along the coast with the ocean in full view. We stopped at Brenton Point State Park to take in the views and take some pictures. Chris noticed a building at the opening of the woods, so we went to explore it. It ended up being what's called The Bells. It's an old abandoned and neglected building that used to be a carriage barn and was built in 1885. I think it was part of some house/villa. It is now abandoned, graffitied, and is/was probably the site of many parties over the years as there was a bunch of broken glass and empty bottles. Chris really liked the contrast between my pretty floral dress and the broken down mess of the building.

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Let's talk about haggling for a second. This is an area that I really need some improvement in. I suck at haggling. I'm pretty awful. I get nervous and ask if they will accept a price instead of demand it or state it. I give up easily because I feel awkward. Chris is better at it than me, and he always tries to give me tips but I just get awkward when it comes down to it.








I'm bringing this up because we went to a vintage store where I found this amazing dress from the 50s that fit me perfectly. I really wanted it, but it was $150 and I couldn't justify spending that much. I told the woman who works at the shop that I couldn't afford it. She asked me what my budget was and mentioned haggling a little bit. I told her that I should try it on first before I decide anything. So I tried it on and it was perfect, of course. Let me pause to say that this RARELY happens to me. When I go to a vintage store, I never find anything that's the right size and style. It's always online that I find things, if that. I come out of the dressing room to find that she has been teasing Chris about buying it for me. I said that I could pay $75. She said that Chris will pay the rest, right? We laughed since it was kind of a joke. Then she went on to say, "Actually, I can't sell this piece for less than $145 since it's a consignment piece". I was livid. She set me up to believe that we can haggle and compromise when she clearly knew that she could only take a measly $5 off. I told her that I couldn't take it, then and we left.









I was pretty disappointed, and I kept thinking about it throughout the day. I'm one of those people who thinks of what they should've said/done after the moment has passed. I'm bad at "in the moment" stuff. I always think about situations afterwards and think of all the different things I should've done. I wish I had expressed my disappointment to her.








Anyway...after all of that and visiting The Bells, I really wanted to find the Castle Hill Lighthouse. We drove back and forth wondering how to get to it. I knew that it was smaller than lighthouses usually are and set in the rocks. Finally, with some help from Google, I found out that there were trails to it within the grounds of the Castle Hill Inn. We drove into there and asked a guard about it, and it turns out the lighthouse was just down a short path in the woods that led to the water! It was very picturesque and I loved that I got to climb right up to it. :)






After the lighthouse, we continued down the scenic road to get to the Cliffwalk. The Cliffwalk is a seaside walking trail that is along a cliff (derp). It's 3.5 miles long, but we didn't walk the whole thing. We did get to see some neat things though like a cute archway under a bridge and a section of fence that people started attaching signed locks to. I know it's something that's done at the Eiffel Tower, but I guess people started doing it here too. I wish we had a spare lock to leave. If I had known about it, I would've brought one! Chris decided his Nickelodeon bracelet would have to suffice, though I'm not sure how long it'll hold.








I wish we could've spent a night over and done more exploring the next day, but I had work and it's pretty pricey to stay up there, especially during the summer. There is a lot to see, but I think we did a good job at seeing the basics - the downtown area, the shoreline, and a lighthouse.






Dress: Dixiefried by Pinup Couture//Shoes: Mudd//Sunglasses: H&M
I'd like to visit other nautical towns like Martha's Vineyard, Block Island, and Cape Cod next summer. I've never been to Block Island, and I haven't been to Martha's Vineyard or Cape Cod since I was younger. I'd love to go back now and really get to explore them. :)


  1. What a beautiful location, and you look absolutely stunning in this amazing dress! I can't believe that woman in the vintage store! How rude! I'm not good at haggling either, and I've dealt with people like that at vintage places who are just really pushy, etc. But that's so shitty that she set you up to bargain and then wasn't honest about it! I get emotionally attached to clothes in those situations, so I'd be devastated! She should have been upfront about it, especially because clothes are meant to be loved, and she must have seen how perfect it was for you! Ugh. I'm mad for you, lol.

    xox Sammi

  2. I was so excited when I saw you made a new post! Your photos are sweet candy to my eyes. My favorites are the ones with the abandoned building and graffiti, it really is a great contrast to your beautiful dress. I also love the little light house and hearing about your adventure there, it makes me want to go! Those are my favorite kinds of adventures.
    I completely relate to not being a good haggler and thinking back on situations where I wish I would have said something different. But just remember, “There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.” Susan Cain

  3. Ah man, these photos are absolutely glorious! Seriously, I couldn't stop staring at the ones of the graffiti--the location they're in is so subdued and seeing all the bright colors of spray paint against it is really exciting. You captured those very well. :) I am awful at haggling, too, so I feel you there, so I am sorry that your dress was not obtained, especially since she said she would bargain with you in the beginning. I would have been no help at all in that situation LOL #useless

  4. So beautiful! And what a wonderful shooting location! Alex

  5. So many beautiful photos, what a lovely place! & you look stunning. What a shame about that vintage shop. I feel like vintage sellers, in my experience, can be especially pushy. I'm terrible at haggling or even thinking quickly on my feet in a situation like that, so I totally understand. I'm sure an even more perfect, and affordable, vintage piece will find you soon <3

  6. These are amazing photos. I love the contrast of the two different locations, the colourful graffiti and the peaceful lighthouse scene. The first photo might actually be my favourite though, the silouette is amazing. Although pretty much any shot of a lighthouse makes my heart melt.

  7. Nice pattern, and I like the full skirt. But wow, with that windy seaside weather how many times did your dress blow up!?