Thursday, September 4, 2014

Betty Rubble

This outfit makes me think of Betty Rubble, probably because of the blue and black mix. Anyway... It's September! Hooray! Summer is finally on the way out, though you wouldn't know it here because it's been in the 80s and humid for the last week or so. We had cooler days before that and I thought autumn was on its way, but then we got this heat wave. I wouldn't call it an Indian Summer since it's not even fall yet, but the phrase comes to mind.



Every year I have inner turmoil about doing fall things too early. Can you be religious about a season? I feel like that's borderline how I am...or maybe I just like a little tradition. I have these sort of rules about fall. I can't watch Hocus Pocus until October. I can't go apple picking until it's officially fall, though I like to hold out for October for that too. I don't know why. It just doesn't feel right to be drinking a pumpkin latte (Sorry, Dunkin) or watching Halloween movies when it's 80 degrees out.




I've already been trying to plan some fall trips, but I haven't been too successful. I just know that I'm going to Vermont at some point. I was trying to find some other towns besides Salem that are good for Halloween but there didn't seem to be too much. Maybe Sleepy Hollow? I'm not sure.



I need some new fall goals. One of them is definitely to dye my hair dark again. Another is to have a Halloween party, which I'm already planning. I'm not sure what else there is to do that I haven't done yet. I'm turning 25, but I have no idea if anyone is planning anything. Gahhh. A quarter of a century old! It's kind of a big deal (to me, anyway). I want it to be special. I love to be surprised, so that's why I try to leave it to other people but it doesn't tend to work out that way. Womp womp. I know that some people hate birthdays or don't care about them, but I love them. I love my birthday and I don't think I'll ever hate it because I'm getting older. They're just so fun!


Top: Forever 21//Skirt: Funhouse NYC//Shoes: Payless//Lipstick: Cargo Cosmetics
I'm a week into my fall classes, and I'm really enjoying them! I've been getting to read some good books. My favorite so far is I Am The Cheese. It's an older book, but it's really great. I couldn't stop reading it. The end is sort of ambiguous and it makes you think and draw conclusions, but I think that is part of what makes a good book - it keeps you thinking about it even after you've finished reading it.


  1. I was just nodding along to everything you said in this post. It's in the 80s and humid here too and it'll probably stay that way until November. I just have to pretend it feels like fall and eat all the pumpkin/apple things. Fall is my favorite and it hardly feels or looks like fall where I live.

    Also I make a big deal out of birthdays too. I helped throw numerous surprise parties for friends in the past and nobody ever threw one for me. It sucks to have to make a big deal about your own birthday!

    Annnnd. You look super cute here. I have a really similar top to yours but in black and white. I'm also loving this fun little skirt!

    Jamie |