Saturday, September 20, 2014


Part two of hanging out with Chris, Nadia and Jon a couple of weekends ago was getting some gelato and then hanging out by the lighthouse. We actually all got to watch the sunset together and we got lucky because it was a really pretty one.




I changed into something more comfortable and nautical since we were going to be by the lighthouse. I really love my green skirt that I got from Boohoo a while ago, and I just recently ordered it in navy since I needed a navy skirt. It's just so comfortable and it's the perfect shape and length. I want to get it in black as well. They are always having some sort of sale, which is awesome! I got the blue one for 25% off!




I love watching the sunset, especially over the ocean where you have such a wide expanse of sky to view it in. It's just so beautiful and it's crazy how much the colors change as it progresses. I love when it looks like a painting, which it did this night.




This is the last summery outfit of the year! The temperatures have finally cooled down and sweater and tights weather has begun! :D I already did an autumny shoot with Sarah. She did my make-up using all sorts of awesome autumny colors, and I can't wait to share the photos here. I also can't wait to dye my hair dark again in a couple of weeks. I sort of want to dye it permanently dark, but I'm always nervous that I will miss my natural color and then when I go to grow it out, it'll look weird or I'd have to cut it short when I'm trying to grow it longer. So...demi-permanent it is! I could always re-dye it if I still want to keep the color longer.


Top: H&M//Skirt: Boohoo//Shoes: Payless
Once it's dyed, Sarah and I are going to do another spooky shoot like we did last year, but with a different look. We already have an idea of what we want. Ugh...this is the best time of the year. I really feel in my element the most when it's fall. Maybe it's because I'm an October baby? Who knows. I just know that I'm the happiest when the leaves are turning, there's apples and pumpkins to be picked, and I can wear layers without a coat and feel comfortable. That's when I feel the most inspired.


  1. You look amazing! Lovely outfit girl!
    xx Tineke

  2. You look so classic and lovely in this outfit! I love the look of a fitted striped top with a flared skirt, it reminds me of Brigitte Bardot and is definitely perfect for a lighthouse adventure. The photos you took of the sunset and clouds are absolutely breathtaking!


  3. We are October babies! We rule ^.^

    Fall it's also by far, my favorite station, the brown pallete of colors, with some brushes of red and yellow, it's marvellous! And my favorite foods appear on this time of the year. And mushrooms start to appears.. The beaches are with so much fewer person, perfect to long walks with my dog :)

  4. love that red top on you :)

  5. Your hair looks so cute! Alex

  6. Eeeep, that's a beautiful sunset! And you always work nautical styles so well. You can never go wrong with some red stripes and navy.

    I loooove Fall, too! It's my favorite season for long bike rides, the smell of decaying leaves, and tea tea tea galore. :D