Sunday, November 9, 2014


The Sunday after my birthday, Ashley and I and our men went pumpkin picking. It took me a while to pick the best one. I had a certain shape in mind, and I finally found a suitable match. We actually didn't end up carving them until the night before Halloween, but they were a festive addition to our porch, still.




After we went pumpkin picking, we drove to a scenic area to see some leaves. Unfortunately, a lot of the trees there were bare and yet again, I was kinda disappointed by foliage. We were too late for that area. Luckily, we have had some good color around where we actually live, so that makes up for it.  I still never truly got my autumn wonderland, though. I'm convinced it only exists in the land of Photoshop.





So, Ashley and I have now been living together for 4 months. Things have been great! I never thought there would ever be an issue. Of course, I was nervous that I might start to annoy her or something, but there are no problems and everything has been easy and fun. We both kind of keep to ourselves for the most part. There are even times when we don't even see each other for a couple of days. We have slightly different schedules, and I tend to like hanging out in my bed in my room after work if I'm working on my blog or homework and whatnot. But then there are times when we all hang out. It's nice to have someone already there to hang out if you want. It's also nice to finally be able to be a hostess.





One thing that I've noticed about the apartment now that I've been living here for a few months is that there isn't as much closet space as I initially thought. I have enough closet space for my clothing, which is fine. But then there are things like the stuff that I wanted to sell at a tag sale that I don't really have a place to store it all. I could just throw it all out, but that seems like a waste somehow. We have a closet in between our rooms, but all of the heating and plumbing and mechanical stuff is in there, and we're nervous that it could start a fire if there's too much stuff close to the metal. The closet downstairs is a coat closet and also houses the cat's litter box. That's it for our closets. We do have a storage unit available in the back, but there's a bunch of stuff in there too. If only we had an attic, but I'm pretty sure our bedrooms are what once used to be an attic of this house.




Another thing is I never imagined how many mugs we both have put together. I mean, we must have about 30-40 mugs and not a lot of space. I wish I had time to really figure out what to do about things. I'm still not 100% happy about stuff in my room. With everything I have going on, it's hard to focus on apartment stuff. Lots of things apartment-related get pushed to the back burner because I have so many other things to worry about and take care of. I still could use a curtain. I still never finished decorating. I still have empty boxes and trash bags of clothes. I still don't have enough drawers because my dresser is still covered with stuff. One day, I will deal with it all. It will probably be some snowy day when I'm stuck inside and I have a month off from school for Christmas break so I will have more mind power to focus on this stuff. I hate snow, but sometimes it drives you to be productive if you're stuck indoors because of it. The same thing with rain.


Shirt: Thrifted//Skirt: BooHoo//Tights: Simply Vera by Vera Wang//Boots: American Eagle//Scarf: Gift//Belt: Forever 21//Lipstick: Flirt!
November and December were always great months when I was in school because there were all those crazy holidays that you'd get off. Now that I work at the library, I still get most of those holidays off from work now, too! These days are also great for getting things done, so I'm hoping with some extra time I'll be able to catch up on a lot. Hooray for federal holidays! :D


  1. I'm in love with those boots! I didn't carve my pumpkin until the day before Halloween either, haha. I feel like you never really realize how many mugs you have until you move!


  2. Chris - @nylonlover69 on TwitterNovember 11, 2014 at 3:41 PM

    You look amazing from head to toe, especially your bright and fun lipstick!