Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Wishlist

I have included a normal wishlist and a mini wishlist this month. The mini one is just for a few lipsticks that I'm dying to try.

I really love the flannel shirt dress from Ruche. It reminds me of this dress that I used to love, but kind of outgrew, but better. It looks so comfy and perfect for a cozy fall/winter look. The colors are perfect. I love a subdued palette.

There are some neat novelty prints that I love, including orange print dress from Pinup Girl Clothing that would be perfect for my trip to Florida, a science print dress from ModCloth, and a dinosaur print dress from ASOS. All awesome.

ModCloth has these booties that I really want and I love both the tan and wine colors. I could see myself wearing both of them with a lot of different things. I also really want a bright silver metallic shoe like the ones above from Macy's. ASOS has some good heeled ones too.

Now onto the lipstick!

I don't get too elaborate with makeup. My everyday makeup consists of eyeliner and chapstick, maybe a little lipstick. For shoots and special occasions, I'll usually do liquid eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick, maybe a little eye shadow. I never wear foundation or blush, though I might try to use blush a little more often. My favorite kind of makeup is lipstick. I think that it's the easiest thing that you can put on your face to sort of transform a look or to just give you a little extra boost of confidence. I want to start playing around with more crazy colors, and for that I found that Lime Crime specifically is a great place to look. I really want their Velvetine lipstick in Wicked, though it's not a crazy color.

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