Sunday, December 28, 2014

Last Christmas

This is the outfit I wore last Christmas, but never got a chance to photograph. I was actually supposed to wear this dress two Christmases ago, but it showed up in my mailbox a couple of days after Christmas, so I didn't get to wear it then. I love it because it's comfortable, a good shade of red, and it's long-sleeved. I can rarely find a good long-sleeved dress, especially for Christmas with the limited color options.





We have so many cookies in our apartment, it's unbelievable. I don't know how we're going to eat them all. I still have a couple of friends to exchange presents with, so maybe when we have our gathering I'll put some cookies out and make them help us eat





It's still crazy to think that this year is almost over. It went by insanely fast. It feels like it was just spring to me. The summer and fall feel like a blur. And now winter is here, but it doesn't feel like it lately. It's been in the 50s. It was in the 50s on New England. I'm not complaining, but that doesn't mean it's not strange.






I love these gold shoes, but they are not easy to walk in. They are super slippery and they are at the upper limits of heel height that I can tolerate. It sucks because they are awesome for a night out or for a special occasion, but I could never spend a night dancing in these or something like that.




Dress: ASOS//Tights: Target//Shoes: ModCloth//Lipstick: Flirt!
Now that Christmas is all done, there's just New Year's to look forward to. My friends and I always get together for it, and this year we are going to one of their houses to have a small-ish party. I'm excited for it. A lot of people don't really like New Year's Eve, but I enjoy it. I never put too much pressure on myself to do something different in the new year. I usually just have a couple of goals that I like to try to accomplish during the year. I never really have a resolution. On one hand, it's a good time to try to make a change because it's like a clean slate, but on the other hand I don't think anyone needs a new year to change something for the better. If there's room for improvement or if there's a change that needs to be made then do it! Change can happen anytime, as it should.


  1. Cute look, very similar to my own style. Red+black+gold, so clean and classy!

  2. Beautiful dress! I think I could only walk with a 2 inch heel at most. I've never been good with heels, but I do like to have a little something there! I actually bought a pair of ankle boots from Modcloth last year an I thought the heel on them wasn't bad....until I started walking in them. Maybe it's because I'm so used to wearing flats, but my feet felt so incredibly arched! I've always admired heels though. Sometimes I just don't understand how some people can walk in 5 inch heels!

    -Marie x

  3. Such a beautiful, Christmas"y" post! Alex

  4. Beautiful christmas themes outfit :) I love the red dress and the gold glitter shoes.

  5. SUPER pretty red dress. I love the neckline! And the gold shoes are adorable.

    xox Sammi

  6. What an absolutely beautiful dress, it couldn't be more perfect on you!


  7. This is a very holiday appropriate look. Love it. Happy New Year!

  8. Love the dress and the gold shoes!! I myself would have went with white tights instead of charcoal to go with the season.