Sunday, December 14, 2014

Show Your (Vintage) Stripes

Here's another outfit I put together with pieces from the local vintage shop that asked me to be a guest curator! I love a classic 50's silhouette and this dress has it. Plus, it has a great silvery striped pattern, which would be great for the holidays!





The belt is the same as I wore with the last outfit, but it's so versatile. Burgundy is such a great color to mix and match with. It has the potential for so many interesting color combinations. I got a little matchy with the belt and shoes as my shoes are kind of burgundy/wine colored as well.





Christmas is coming up so fast! I've got all my shopping one, except for one gift card. The next thing to move onto will be baking. I have so many cookies to bake that I don't know what to do with myself. I wanted to bring a tray to both of my jobs, plus we're having a cookie swap at the library too. Then there's a tray for Christmas Eve at my grandparents' and trays for Chris and some of my friends. It's going to be insanity, especially since the majority of the cookie I'm making are going to be cut-out ones. I am preparing to be armed with a rolling pin and covered in a coat of flour for probably most of next week. I definitely need a plan. Maybe I'll make doughs this week and then just cut them out and bake them next week.






On top of that, I'm planning to make a pumpkin pie and maybe some apple crisp for Christmas Day dinner at my parents' house. It always amazes me how much preparation goes into Christmas. It's one day of the year, but it takes a month or more to prepare for it. But it's so magical and amazing when it's all done and it finally comes that it's always worth it. It's only once a year that we get to go crazy with cookies, gifts, decorations, and more.




Dress & Belt: Vintage//Tights: Target//Shoes: Naturalizer//Lipstick: Too Faced Cosmetics
I am excited to have our first Christmas in the apartment. We got our tree all decorated and I really love it. It makes me so happy to see it all lit up. There aren't any presents under it yet, though, because the cat will mostly likely chew at them and sit on


  1. Beautiful outfit! I love the red shoes, they're just perfect!

  2. Beautiful dress! I don't have my Christmas shopping done yet. There's still a few gifts I have to get!!!

    -Marie x

  3. I'm envious that you can get so many good pictures. I always seem to be making some kind of awful facial expression in mine, so I limit my pictures, haha! I love that you matched your lipstick, belt, and shoes--precious!

  4. This dress looks so lovely on you!!!

  5. It sounds like you have lots of fun Christmas plans! This dress would be perfect for a holiday party. I love the silvery striped pattern on it and the red shoes are perfect paired with it!

    Jamie |