Wednesday, January 14, 2015


This is actually the outfit I wore for Thanksgiving! Talk about belated. I found this dress at Kohl's the same day that I found the blue dress from my Frozen post. It was a lucky day because this dress is so comfortable and it has an awesome pattern! I love the honeycomb shapes and the fact that it's black with nude underneath. Black and nude is always a nice combo when it's done right. This dress is great for holidays too because it's not constricting. You know, so that way I can stuff my face without feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. Win/win.



I also love this dress because I can pretty much wear any color with it. I loved how the burnt orange looked for a more autumny feel for Thanksgiving, but then I wore it with red for a holiday party last month and it worked with that too! Anything that's versatile and has a high chance of remixability (did I just make that word up?) is definitely a plus.



There is a very long and involved story regarding this lipstick that I'm wearing. I found it in Kohl's and tried it on and fell in love. I had been trying to find a deep rose color for a while and this was it. Unfortunately, they didn't have any in stock. They only had the tester left and it wasn't available in any of the other local stores, either. So online I went to the Kohl's website where it was in stock. I had a gift card, so I was trying to use that to pay for the lipstick, but it kept getting to the submit my order screen and then saying there was an error putting in the order. I contacted customer service via their Live Chat feature and she figured out that the cart was taking money off of my gift card, but not processing the order. She reimbursed my gift card and then ended the chat. I went to checkout again and the same thing happened. Since it was later in the night, the Live Chat closed after this attempt, so I had to wait until the next day to figure everything out.



The next day, I called Kohl's so that I could actually talk to someone about what's going on and put my order in via the phone since the website was being buggy. I got a lovely woman to talk to, but she kind of didn't know what she was doing because it was her second day on the job. That's fine. I can understand that. So I'm on the phone with her for about 40-50 minutes while she calls her supervisor over to help her reimburse my gift card. Finally, when everything is all set and she was able to order the lipstick, she told me it was now out of stock. I was so bummed. I noticed that it still said it was in stock on the website and I mentioned this. She said that their website does that a lot and that her system was the most up to date. She said if I ordered it and the order went through, I'd probably just get an e-mail saying that it was out of stock and unable to ship. Disappointed, I hung up with her and stared at my computer screen. I decided to say "Screw it" and order the lipstick with my Kohl's charge card figuring the worst that would happen is that it would just tell me it was out of stock. When I used my charge card to pay, the order went through. I was still doubtful because they could still say they couldn't ship it. A day or two later, I got an e-mail stating that the lipstick had been shipped. THANKS A LOT, KOHL'S LADY. At least she offered me 15% off my next order.



By this point, I was slightly annoyed. I used my charge card when I had a gift card. I had sat on a phone for a long time to get it resolved only to have nothing resolved. Their whole system/website was completely messed up. But the part that pushed me over the edge was that when I checked my gift card balance...IT STILL HADN'T BEEN REIMBURSED. That was it. I decided to call them again and explain what happened to see if I could get either my charge card reimbursed instead of the gift card. I usually am so anxious and apprehensive about complaining and being THAT customer, but this was ridiculous. When I called, the woman basically told me that she can't credit my charge card and offered me 15% off my next order...again. But she also ended up giving me a credit for the gift card amount that I could use on my next order, but I would have to order by phone the next time to use the code.

Dress & Belt: Lily Rose//Sweater: Urban Outfitters//Shoes: LifeStride//Lipstick: LORAC Cosmetics
After all of this, I decided to write a complaint in through the Kohl's website, to which the response was an apology and 15% off my next order....AGAIN. My next order ended up being a pair of shoes (the silver ones I wore for Christmas). When I called to order, they said they were out of stock in my size. I called back again and they were in stock. Le sigh. I love you Kohl's, but get your shit together.

Have you guys ever experienced bizarre customer service or website problems while shopping?


  1. Gorgeous dress and I love this rusty orange/brown on you too! Beautiful winter look, you look really cute in the snow! :)

  2. Fabulous outfit, but dag that's a lot of work for a lipstick.

    I'm impressed!!

  3. Beautiful dress. It fit you like a glove and your hair is perfect for the sleek look of this dress. I like the sweater with it too, though if I had seen them separately I never would have guessed - yea for remixability!