Thursday, February 19, 2015

February Wishlist

I didn't mean to have this wishlist be so pink and girly and Valentine's-themed, but it kind of turned out that way. I love dusty and rosy pinks for the spring and as always, I am always looking towards spring way ahead of time because winter is just so boring.

Sarah recently introduced me to this brand of makeup called Colourpop. They have SO MANY colors to choose from and they are only $5 each, and they are great! I tried on one of the ones she has. Their colors are similar to LimeCrime, but more affordable. I ordered 5 of them (you get a $5 off coupon for signing up for their newsletter) and I can't wait for them to arrive! I got Pitch (brown), Fancy (coral), Wet (gunmetal!), Leather (purple), and Bull Chic (black). I'm very excited and curious about Wet because it's a gunmetal color. Seems very interesting and different! I want to try more colors too, but mostly more purples. That purple I ordered is a deeper one and I'd like some lighter and brighter ones as well.

I'm all about jumpsuits, lately. I find it's hard for me to find one that fits right. It has to fit right in the torso and not be too short or too bunchy. It also has to fit me in the legs since I usually wear pants in a shorter length and not be too long. I found one from ModCloth that I really like, but haven't gotten the chance to wear yet. I think it's still a little too cold for it. The one from Forever 21 seems like it would have a good and structured fit. I'd like some more rompers too, but I have the same issues with fit with those too except for the leg length, obviously.

I'd really love a pretty pair of dusty pink heels, and these ones I found on ModCloth look like a good fit. I also am loving the leaf necklace from Ruche. I love jewelry with decorative leaves, especially for spring and fall and I think these are so pretty with the jewels on them.

I saw the Betsey Johnson dress in Nordstrom and instantly loved it. I didn't try it on since the mall was closing and we were on our way out, but I really wanted it. It's a shame that things are so expensive nowadays. :\ I feel the same about the Pinup Girl Clothing dress. It's so, so pretty and I instantly fell in love with it, but I can't really be shelling out $200+ for a dress. It's just not practical for me.

One more thing....the red and white polka dot Lindy Bop dress reminds me of Minnie Mouse and also general retro/pinup fashion so it's a win/win. I love classic pairings like this, and I love polka dots! I can't wait for spring so that I can wear all these lovely things without covering up with layers and coats and being freezing (still).


  1. These colors are perfect and I have never found myself wanting a pant suit before...

  2. This is the most beautiful wishlist, everything is totally my style.

  3. Two and eight are so great! And I normally do not like Betsy Johnson!

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