Saturday, February 28, 2015

Quick Pics (Mostly-Boston Edition)

As the shortest month, February always flies by! The month started off with a snowstorm and a trip to Boston for Ashley's birthday! We went to the Museum of Science and had an AMAZING time. There were so many cool things to see and do. We saw a planetarium show, which pretty much put everyone in awe of our whole universe and existence. We froze our shadows, saw a dinosaur wearing a scarf, played with mirrors, sat in a giant chair, and I got to lay on a bed of nails. I didn't take my camera since it was snowy and gross out, so I just used my phone to document our journey.









We ate cannoli at the best cannoli place - Mike's Pastry. The original is really good. I tried the peanut butter for the first time, but it wasn't as good. The Oreo one that Chris got was amazing. Next time I go, I'm getting that one and the original. We had dinner at one of the best Mexican restaurants I've ever been to. It's called Border Cafe. The food was amazing, there's endless, freshly made tortilla chips and salsa, and it's so inexpensively priced! I got the ground beef enchiladas, which came with jambalaya and it was all great!



We stopped at Newbury Comics where Chris got me these awesome library card socks by Out of Print, which I had seen online a bunch of times. A perfect gift for a librarian! :)


For Valentine's Day, Chris and I went to brunch the Sunday after for our Valentine's date. We stuffed our faces and loved every minute of it....except for afterwards when we were too full. I also cross-stitched Bulbasaur for him as one of his presents!



My Colourpop Lippie Stix arrived a couple of weeks ago! I tried them all on and they're great. I can't wait to wear them in some of my posts. I thought I ordered a coral color, but I must've decided against it when I went to checkout because I definitely didn't order it. Disappoint. All the colors I got aren't necessarily right for everyday wear, especially at I just can't wear black or purple lipstick to the library.


After a bunch of snowstorms, there's nothing but piles of snow everywhere, making it annoying to drive and hard to find places to take pictures. Luckily, Chris and I escaped the winter by going to a park that had a greenhouse. It was like stepping into spring! It was warm enough to be sleeveless and full of plants and flowers and it made me so happy. We did a shoot in there where I wore a dress from Azazie. Stay tuned for a post on that. ;)




And of course, as always, there's more fun with Clementine...



And now I'm off to Florida!! YAY! I've been waiting so long for this. I can't wait to see the new part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and to pick fresh oranges in the citrus orchard again. Warmth and sunshine, here I come! (Clementine wants to come too)...


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  1. That dinosaur with the scarf is killing me! :') I just love museums, wherever I travel I always make sure to visit at least one. Clementine is gorgeous, at least you will have kitty glitter to remind you of home when you are away :)

  2. That dinossaur with the scarf, and the photo of you on the big chair is so cute! xD

    Have a nice trip!